Are you concerned that your product is too “out there” for a regular packaging business to handle? Fortunately for you, packages a wide range of unusual items.

Paving the way for a new breed of health supplements? You can design the bag that best represents your company, and if you’re stuck, a packaging specialist can point you in the right direction!


Liquids might be difficult to package, but surprisingly, liquid pouch packaging makes is easy. Wine and liquid packaging bags are not only more fashionable than glass bottles for storing liquor, but they are also more ecologically friendly. Liquid product pouches have pouring spouts for easy sipping and can stand on their own on flat surfaces to prevent messy spills.

Candle Beads and Bath Salts

With so many packaging choices available, packaging bath salts and candle beads is a piece of cake! Your pouches can be made to stand up on their own, much like liquid packaging pouches, making them ideal for storing bath salts and candle beads in your bathroom or pantry without the risk of spilling!

Washing Detergent and Soap

What better way to keep soap and laundry detergent than in resealable bags that are also ecologically friendly? While it may seem strange, the combination of pouring spouts and custom packaging makes pouches the best solution for soap and laundry detergent.

Medical Products

Sealed pouches can be found for a variety of pharmaceutical products. They are kept airtight to ensure that your medicinal supplies stay fresh at all times. It is critical for medicine packages to be tamper-proof, which is why these pouches are sealed tight and never opened beyond the initial point of contact until they reach the consumer.

Automotive Products

Although automotive supplies may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about pouch packaging, your packaging provider will be happy to air-seal products for any vehicle. The vehicle products, which are made of impermeable material, will resist wear from weather elements as well as other risks such as moisture, light, air, and so on.


Seasonings add to the great flavor of most foods that we consume. You can guarantee the taste and freshness using packaging pouches, particularly mylar bags which help retain the natural flavor and aroma of your products. Various types of seasonings can be packaged in all amounts, shapes, and sizes and they look great with your printed company details.

Herbs and Spices

If you’re looking for a unique way to bundle the spice in your life, look no further. With its glittering silver inside, mylar bags will keep all the tough spices within reach while also preserving the product’s quality. With the moisture barrier within the mylar bag, the spices’ intense flavor can not weaken.


People enjoy having something to snack on while at work, and nuts are the ideal solution for many people’s mid-afternoon cravings. With soft foil pouches, nuts of all sorts will fend off any staleness. Nuts are tiny enough to fit easily into the bag, and the pouch’s stand-up design will assist prevent leakage.


Who doesn’t like a nice cookie crunch? How can you explain this to your consumers in terms of packaging? Mylar bags are ideal for cookie packaging since they have a matte texture on the surface and can be customized with custom labels, hot stamps, and custom printing to match your company’s branding.


Mylar bags are ideal for storing a variety of foods. The bag’s inner substrate provides moisture barriers to keep the elements out, ensuring maximum freshness.

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