Luxury cars inevitably cost a lot, but if you bought the right model, it would make up for that price tag by adding unmatched performance, class, comfort, and style to each ride. However, sports cars and luxury passenger cars of any make and model do need regular care and attention to keep performing in the way that they are expected to. Therefore, it is imperative that you don’t ignore any of the three common signs of car trouble explained next.

Unexplainable Noise

Sports cars at high speeds can be very loud but that is not unusual. In some models, it can be disconcerting if you hear even the smallest of pebbles hitting your car’s bottom while driving it, but that too is not unusual with Maserati and Lamborghini models. However, if you hear a noise that you cannot explain, that is when you should be worried. Unexplained and unusual noises are almost always indicative of something gone wrong inside or outside your car.

A lot depends on where the noise is originating from, but you should try and seek out a service center nearest to your location for a quick checkup. If you are on the road, just do a quick search for ‘Maserati repair near me’ or ‘Ferrari repair near me’ on your smartphone. If the service shop you find provides its services to one European luxury brand, chances are high that they will be able to extend the same services to all models belonging to other makes of a similar class.

Flashing Dashboard Lights

Nothing else is a more telltale sign of trouble than flashing lights that were designed to indicate problems with your car. Take some time to acquaint yourself with what the different flashing lights mean, what the icons next to them represent, and what you can do immediately after. Most cars, and especially luxury cars come equipped with indicators such as:

  • Engine light(s) – Engine temperature and condition warning.
  • Fuel gauge light
  • Oil change light
  • Battery charge warning light
  • Brake damage warning light
  • Airbag (in/out) indicator light
  • Seatbelt indicator lights
  • Traction control light

Taking Longer to Start

There are two factors to watch out for here:

  1. How many attempts does it take before the car starts?
  2. How the engine sounds soon after starting?

In very cold temperatures, your car may take longer than usual to start but it should not take more than 2 – 3 attempts and that too is pushing it for luxury vehicles. Get your car to a mechanic as soon as possible if it takes any longer than that to start. Also, get to know the basic car protection measures to keep your expensive vehicle protected against frost damage during the winter months.

Finally, we have handling to consider and that is something only you or whoever is driving the car can tell. If it feels off-balance, check the tires’ air pressure. If it still feels off-balance after getting the tires in order, then the problem is likely much more severe. Get it inspected professionally for wheel balance issues and bent frame distortions.

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