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Are you interested in learning more about the most reputable crypto lawyers? Lawyers who specialize in crypto, blockchain and NFTs are highly sought-after at the moment. The Wall Street Journal confirmed in May 2022, crypto exchanges and businesses are snatching lawyers every day to assist in navigating an ever-changing legal world.’

However, crypto lawyer aren’t just for corporations. They are also needed by individuals. If you’re thinking of setting your own blockchain-related project or trying to recover cryptocurrency that’s gone in the void an attorney for crypto can assist you. We’ve reviewed five of the top cryptocurrency law companies.

Here we review the services provided by three of the top law firms in crypto and one specialist in crypto law and one tax-related crypto company.

Perkins Coie – Best of Law Firms Specializing in Blockchain Regulation

The company’s headquarters are at Seattle, Washington, Perkins Coie employs 1,200 lawyers across 17 offices across the US and four in China. It was ranked as the 11th largest lawyer firm in the US in 2020 by Law360. For the past 20 years, Perkins Coie has been listed among the 100 Top Companies to work for according to Fortune.

As with the majority of prominent cryptocurrency legal professionals, Perkins Coie offers its blockchain-related services as a component of a suite of services that includes legal knowledge. Alongside crypto, the company offers advice on intellectual property and product liability, as well as estate planning, real estate and litigation.

However, Perkins Coie are considered nonetheless to be among the most prominent cryptocurrency legal professionals across the US. The top independent research firm Chambers & Partners ranks Perkins Coie as the top law firm for blockchain and cryptocurrency issues’ with possibly the most dedicated team in the nation in this area.’

In reality Perkins Coie’s Blockchain Operations Team at Perkins Coie includes ten lawyers with years of experience who are dedicated to crypto, along with more than 40 lawyers with expertise in the overlapping legal fields.

Partners Alexandra Cole, for example she brings her experience in real estate and blockchain-based property applications. Partner Andrew.P. Cross provides advice on the law of commodities aspects of token sales.

Associate J. Dax Hansen, in contrast is a full-time specialist in blockchain and fintech. He is regarded as a blockchain pioneer in the field of cryptolegality, his work with stablecoins as well as NFTs, smart contracts coins, coin offerings and exchanges dates back to the start of Bitcoin in the year 2010. Hansen was a key player in the creation and is a member of in the Bitcoin Foundation, the Chamber of Digital Commerce and the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance.

Also specialized, Partner Kevin Feldis works on Perkins Coie’s blockchain enforcement and litigation team and is a specialist in defending companies against SEC investigation. Perkins Coie scored a notable success in 2020, when it gained SEC approval for VCOIN’s sale to be an untransferable security for the client IMVU Inc. VCOIN is not yet offered for sale even on the most popular exchanges for altcoins but it is only through IMVU’s metaverse platform. IMVU Metaverse Platform.

The Mishcon Blockchain Group

The Mishcon Blockchain Group helps companies to develop blockchain solutions while staying on right side of regulatory and legal compliance. The team has been involved in projects across a variety of sectors, including real estate, art as well as recruitment, retail and obviously, cryptocurrency.

If it’s about establishing cryptocurrency projects, Mishcon advises on the different fund-raising strategies, including the ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) and STOs (Security Token Offerings) and making sure that their client is in compliance with the required KYC (Know Who You Are) as well as AML (Anti-Money Laundering) standards.

The Mishcon Cryptocurrency Fraud Team

This is the agressive side of the Mishcon crypto service which is designed to locate stolen cryptocurrency and return it to the owners. The tools at the disposal of Mishcon de Reya Cryptocurrency Fraud Team Mishcon de Reya Cryptocurrency Fraud Team comprise:

  • The software for blockchain analytics that tracks blockchain transactions and pinpoints where the stolen cryptoassets are stored.
  • Disclosure Orders that compel crypto exchanges to divulge details in order to catch fraudsters.
  • Asset Freeze Orders are a method of shutting down a cryptocurrency wallet to retrieve stolen cryptoassets.
  • Civil Search Orders that permit the search forand the confiscation of key evidence of crypto-fraud.

Through Mishcon’s private MDR Solutions 1 venture, MDR Solutions 1, Mishcon also helps clients in securing funds to pursue cases that are otherwise out of reach for the world of crypto.