5 Lesser-Known Ways to Add Value to Your Property

Before you place your home back on the market, it is smart to make various tweaks and changes to your property to boost its selling price. 

Of course, executing tried and tested steps could increase the value, such as painting the property in a neutral color scheme, updating the kitchen, and fixing problems. 

Yet, some more unusual tactics may provide a bigger return on investment. Check out these five lesser-known ways to add value to your property.

  • Install a Garden Room

Did you know a garden room can add between 5-15% onto the price of your property? Therefore, it’s a worthwhile investment in your family life and financial future. 

You and your loved ones can use the space as a home office, cinema, games room, bar, or gym. 

Once you’re ready to sell, the sustainable building could attract house hunters in their droves, and they might even enter a bidding war to secure your property. 

Visit Eco Rooms to find an environmentally friendly, attractive, and durable garden room that suits your needs and finances.

  • A Well-Maintained Garden

Since people spent more time in their homes and gardens during the pandemic, many homeowners now view a well-maintained garden as a priority. 

An attractive yet low-maintenance property could attract many buyers to your home and help yield a bigger selling price. 

If you have yet to do so, you must take the time to spruce up your exterior. For instance, you could:

  • Take greater care of your lawn
  • Pressure wash your patio
  • Give decking and fencing a fresh lick of paint
  • Remove trash and debris
  • Plant low-maintenance perennials
  • Add Stone Veneer to Your Property

Stone veneer will transform your property’s appearance, as it will create a rustic charm that will allow your house to stand out on the street. 

Stone veneer exterior walls will cost an average of $10,000, but it will allow you to recoup your investment and then some. 

Different options are available to match your architecture and budget, too, such as stone veneer cladding, siding, or panels.

  • Secure Planning Permission

Securing planning permission doesn’t mean you must complete any planned renovations on the property. 

Yet, it could increase your home’s value by an estimated 10%. After all, a prospective buyer might have plans to alter the property in the future, and planning permission could convince them to pay more for your home to simplify the process. 

Of course, some home improvement projects will not require planning permission, such as installing a garden room.

  • Green Energy Features

Did you know an eco-friendly home can increase your home’s value? Introducing energy-efficient features onto your property could boost its sales price by an estimated 14%. 

Install the likes of solar panels, double glazing, and cavity insulation to sell the property for more than you paid for it. 

Also, it will allow you to create a more environmentally friendly property to protect the planet and lower the next owner’s energy bills.