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Car accidents occur even to the most diligent drivers with years of experience. Various conditions can occur beyond your control, resulting in an accident. Some accidents can be mild while others can be life-threatening, and on some occasions, you may be unaware of what awaits you on the road; bad weather, reckless drivers, and many more.

Driving in St. Louis requires you to be cautious on the road due to the number of accidents caused by various conditions. Before you begin your journey on these roads, you need to be aware of some of the potential causes of accidents to exercise caution or limit the level of damage. Here are some top causes of car accidents in St. Louis.

  1. Reckless driving

Reckless driving is the leading cause of accidents on any road, and St. Louis is not spared such misconduct. Reckless driving can occur in different forms, such as a car driving on the wrong side of the road. The other cause is overtaking. Some drivers overtake in blind spot areas without caring to observe traffic rules or oncoming cars. These accidents are fatal due to head-on collisions that cause severe injuries or death.

The most common form of reckless driving is overspending. You hardly use a road in a day without coming across someone speeding. Over speeding cars can cause accidents, making them more dangerous than other accidents. They can knock you when you least expect them because most of them tend to lose control, swerving uncontrollably and knocking anyone on the road.

Some are also involved in hit-and-run incidents to avoid responsibility or lack control. If you are interested in an accident caused by an over speeding car, you need to get the best attorneys. You can seek assistance from expert lawyers at The Bruning Law Firm. They have experience handling accidents caused by overspeeding cars, and they will ensure you get maximum and fair compensation from the defendant.

  1. Intoxication

Every day we see road signs on St. Louis roads warning against drunk driving due to the potential risks of drunk driving. The intoxication is not only from alcohol but can also be from other causes such as the use of hard drugs such as cocaine and marijuana. Alcohol and other drugs can affect your decision-making capabilities while on the road hence the need to be sober when driving.

These drugs can also slow your reaction time, or you can quickly become distracted while driving, leading to an accident. When you have had too much alcohol, you should take a ride home to ensure you do not engage in an accident.

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  1. Distractions

Drivers are vulnerable to various distractions while driving on roads. The distractions can arise from multiple sources, such as storying with a friend or playing with a friend while driving. While driving, you should always focus on the road and minimize any distractions from other people in the car that can lead to an accident. You need to avoid any confrontations or aggression while driving to ensure you focus only on driving.

Other distractions come from the external environment. For example, you can heavily focus on a specific car on the road and continue admiring it to the extent you knock the vehicle ahead of you due to lack of focus. You can also focus too much on what is ongoing around the road and easily switch lanes unnoticeably, leading to accidents. When distracted, you can also accelerate quickly without knowing.

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  1. Impacts of Weather

Weather is one factor that is beyond your control while on the road. Weather can lead to accidents in various ways, especially in St. Louis, with multiple types of weather that can affect your driving capabilities. First, weather can limit visibility and sometimes affect the ability to see the car ahead of you. This makes it easier to knock other vehicles, or they can knock you.

Some weather, such as excess snowing, can interfere with the ability to accelerate. The car will skid on the road easily due to limited friction, and you can easily cause an accident. Sometimes, the snowy roads can affect your ability to brake, and even if you brake, the car will continue moving until it knocks something. Powerful winds can blow the car in other directions, leading to accidents.

  1. Healthcare issues

There are various healthcare concerns that can easily cause an accident. First is extreme exhaustion. After driving for long without brakes to rest, sleep or eat, your energy begins to decline, and you can easily cause an accident due to lack of concentration or uncontrolled sleep. Some conditions, such as heart conditions, can occur suddenly, leading to accidents.

The situation can worsen when you drive fast, and then a heart attack or other forms of panic or anxiety occurs suddenly. The other healthcare issues are vision challenges, seizures, and epilepsy. Those with these conditions should not drive unless cleared by a doctor.

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St. Louis roads are relatively safe due to the number of people exercising caution; however, sometimes, you can be in an accident without anticipating any. These cases can occur due to bad weather, reckless driving, intoxication, sudden illness, or exhaustion. Whenever you are involved in an accident, remember to seek a lawyer to help you handle the case to reduce the damages you have to pay or maximize the damage compensation.

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