Nothing is more opulent than having a pool on your property. The very thought of having a pool available for leisurely swimming sounds opulent.

Of course, you must first comprehend what having your own swimming pool means before getting in touch with a building business in Dubai to make your desire a reality.

1. Maintain The Pool’s Chemistry.

It is now much simpler to maintain a balanced chemistry in the pool. Today, you don’t need to wait for lab findings to determine whether the water in your swimming pool is chemically balanced because there are several test kits available.

In the summer, you can do this up to twice weekly, and in the cooler months, just once or twice a week.

2. Keep The Perfect Water Level.

For optimum function, it’s also important to maintain the proper water level, which should be at the level of your pool tile or pool skimmer.

If it’s too low, there’s a chance the pump will burn out when the water runs out. The skimmer door may not function properly if it is too high, leaving particles in the pool and adding extra effort for the filter system.

3. Remove Baskets’ Clutter And Skim Debris

One of the quickest and simplest ways to maintain your pool clean is to manually skim the surface every few days. Floating trash will gradually sink, making removal more difficult. To get rid of leaves, bugs, and other unpleasant objects, use a long-handled net known as a hand skimmer or leaf skimmer. The effectiveness of the pool’s circulation system is considerably improved by skimming, and you’ll need to add less chlorine as a result. Additionally, circulation is improved and the need for chlorine is reduced by emptying strainer baskets at least once each week. Look for strainer baskets in the pool deck of inground pools and those connected to the edge of aboveground pools.

4.Clean The Pool, The Walls, And The Tile.

With a vacuum like this, you can unwind by the pool while a machine takes care of the cleaning.

To maintain the water clear and lower the number of chemicals you need to apply, a pool should be vacuumed once each week. The variety of pool vacuums is extensive. Use a manual design if you have one, and move it back and forth across the pool’s surface like you would a vacuum. Each stroke should slightly overlap the one before it. Every time you vacuum, check the filter and clean it if necessary.

However, regular swimming pool maintenance service includes more than just vacuuming.

5. Clean Pool Filters

Pool filters come in three different varieties: cartridge, sand, anddiatomaceous earth. While each type has its own swimming pool maintenance requirements, regardless of the filter type or how frequently a pool is used, all require periodic cleaning. The filtration process can potentially be hampered by cleaning the filter more frequently than is advised. Because dirt helps trap other particles, which eliminates junk from the water, a clean filter is less effective than one with a small amount of dirt in it. You don’t want the filter to become overly soiled, though. An increase in flow between the pressure gauge and flow metre is a hint that cleaning is necessary.

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