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Car accidents happen very fast. Before you even realize it, your brake lights start shining, you hear your brakes squealing, and your body is jolted towards the steering wheel when your car crashes into another vehicle approaching from the other side. Being met with a car accident usually leads to lots of financial struggle, injuries, and a huge emotional trauma.


Popular legal firms like Spear Greenfield are of the opinion that car accidents are preventable. By following a few road and traffic tips while driving, it is possible to keep car accidents at bay and save your life. Listed below are some of the best rules you may follow to stay away from injuring yourself in a car crash.


#1: Don’t indulge in distracted driving


The most common cause of fatal car accidents is distracted driving. When you’re distracted, it can be due to anything that takes off your focus from the road. Considering the way we are engaged with our mobile phones, whether talking or texting or checking social media, we get distracted constantly. Other forms of distraction while driving may include changing the radio station, talking with your kids, or picking up things that fell on the floor. 


#2: Never drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs


We all know that drinking spoils our concentration abilities and doesn’t let us function properly. Despite knowing this important fact, there are numerous careless drivers who sit behind the wheel even after being drunk. It is highly dangerous to operate a vehicle after being drunk. If you plan to drink after going out, make sure you take a driver along with you. 


#3: Never cross the speed limit


The third most common reason behind fatal car accidents is speeding. You’ll find speed limit signs at various places. These are there to tell you about the safest speed that should be maintained on that road. The road might have sharp turns, congested traffic, or a few uneven road conditions. The faster you drive the car, the more time you’ll take to stop your car during an emergency. Hence, it is vital to follow the speed limit. 


#4: Obey the traffic rules


Regardless of whether you see a red light or a STOP sign, read will always mean STOP. Drivers that are careless while obeying traffic rules are the ones who face fatal accidents where they often kill another innocent person on the road. If you run stop signs and red lights, this can lead to wrongful death as they lead to rollover crashes. 


#5: Don’t indulge in tailgating


Most drivers lack patience and hence they drive too close to another car. This is why they get less time to react in case the car in front of them brakes all of a sudden. You should keep at least a distance of one car in between while driving. 


By following the rules given above, we hope you are always safe on the roads. However, even after following them, if you meet with an accident, don’t hesitate to call an attorney. 

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