We all want healthy skin. Vibrant, glowing skin is a prime example of good health. You can achieve healthy looking skin with healthy lifestyle practices and good skincare habits. A great complexion begins with following a wholesome daily routine. Follow these six effortless steps to launch into your healthy skincare regimen.

  1. Purify

Your first crucial step is using a mild cleanser. If you wear makeup, you will first need to remove your makeup with an additional soft makeup remover, then continue with a full-face gentle cleanse. Every morning and night, it is essential to rinse your face with water and rub a small amount of gentle cleanser between clean palms. Gently massage while washing all over. After rinsing your hands thoroughly, massage your face using water only to rinse until you have removed all the residual cleanser. Lightly pat dry your face with a soft towel.

  1. Balance

After thoroughly cleansing, your skin will have an improper pH. The natural pH for your skin usually is 5-6, which is slightly acidic. Specific cleansers and scrubs can make your skin alkaline, so you must adjust. You can re-balance the pH of your skin by using a good toner. It should contain soothing ingredients such as cucumber or aloe vera. The primary purpose of a toner is to softly freshen the surface of your skin while ensuring not to strip the natural moisture that makes your skin stay healthy looking. It will not cause excessive dryness or irritate sensitive skin. A good toner will also prepare your skin for the next step in your regimen.

  1. Nourish 

Moisturizing your skin is essential in helping to maintain the barrier that prevents water loss while giving your skin a subtle shine. Moisturizers come in several forms like creams, lotions, gels and serums. They are suitable for any skin type and absorb quickly. You can achieve great results by choosing an effective face serum that contains gentler formulations than a standard moisturizer. It has a thinner viscosity which can be absorbed quickly into your skin. This mild preparation is perfect for sensitive skin and is ideal for this step.

  1. Relax

We should all incorporate some relaxation time into the end of our day. Just like the rest of your body, your skin needs to rest. Allow some time to let the serum soak in and dry. It is an excellent time to drink a tall glass of water or prepare a cup of your favorite nighttime tea. You only need a minute or so for this step.

  1. Hydrate 

Now, it is time to moisturize. The primary function of a good moisturizer is to “lock” in that face serum you have already applied. After you have waited for the serum to absorb, use a good moisturizer. The moisturizer is the final application that seals in your serum and locks in its nutrients. It also gives you an extra layer of moisture to protect and hydrate your skin for a supple, dewy glow. Hydrating your skin will affect the texture and appearance, making it look softer and smoother.

  1. Protect

Once you put all that moisture back into your skin, you must protect it. Exposure to the sun’s harmful effects can be very damaging. When you apply sunscreen, it can protect your skin from harsh UV rays. Prolonged unprotected exposure can lead to dullness, dark patches, wrinkles, fine lines and even cancer in some cases. Wearing broad-spectrum sunscreen year-round will ensure your skin stays healthy and beautiful. Good sun protection for your skin is essential because it helps it stay in good condition.

Having a good routine for taking care of your skin has lifelong benefits. You will notice the difference. When you look better, you feel better! When you incorporate these steps along with eating the right foods, maintaining proper hydration and getting the right amount of exercise, you will see the difference in your skin as it looks and feels younger.

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