7 Things to Know Before Planning a Trip to Ladakh7 Things to Know Before Planning a Trip to Ladakh

Here is a list of 7 things you should consider before clicking on ‘book now’ on the ladakh tour package from delhi.

Acute Mountain Sickness

Acclimatization is the most vital component for a successful journey to Ladakh, regardless of your physical fitness. AMS affects people of all ages, genders and fitness levels. It can simply happen to anybody. When AMS strikes, even the fittest of all kneel and sob uncontrollably. So think about the principles provided by the acclimatization programme in your leh ladakh tour package and make an honest attempt to abide by them to reduce your risks of developing AMS, which otherwise would ruin your vacation to Ladakh.

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The Manali Leh Highway which stretches for about 300 kilometers, is mostly bleak and dismal, with little sign of habitation. You should anticipate a malfunction there in the midst of nowhere and prepare for it. Puncture protection foams or puncture repair kits, for instance, can save your life, specifically if you are riding a motorcycle. In order to stay alive for 2-3 days without assistance, you will need adequate food, hydrating liquids, comforters bags, and possibly a second tent. Whenever problems arise, they don’t ring the doorbells, therefore in such isolated areas, it’s better to always be prepared.

Lost Connection With the World

Many portions of Ladakh, including nearly three quarters of the Manali – Leh Highway, lack cell or any other form of communication with loved ones. You must keep in mind that aid would not be available immediately. As a result, one has to be capable of preparing oneself to live a few days all alone.

Flash Floods, Landslides, Snow Slides or Shooting Stones

Landslides, snow slides and shooting stones are all part of the Himalayan landscape, especially Ladakh. Any of these natural occurrences should be expected to cause problems or leave people stranded for a few days. These things happen all the time in the Himalayas. Any of these occurrences may cause your travel to be delayed, canceled, or prolonged. As a result, if you book your package, you should always allow for a day or two of buffer time.

Drive Carefully

In the lowlands, you would have been an excellent driver. However the routes in Ladakh as well as other areas of the Trans-Himalayas are nothing at all like the normal lowlands. The faster you drive, the worse the rider feels. There is little room for error, and a lack of focus might cost you your life. Individuals get so used to deploying front brakes on motorbikes that tripping whilst biking, owing to gravel roads or snow is rather usual. It is dangerous because even a little injury might turn into a serious situation in Ladakh, where health care is scarce. In such circumstances, medical treatment or assistance may take days to reach you. Hence, you have always got to be careful on the road while you are in Ladakh.

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Medical Facilities

Medical assistance might be more than a day distant when traveling to Ladakh. If you have certain health issues, it would be in your best interests to avoid planning a vacation to Ladakh. In Ladakh, even a simple diarrhoea is lethal. As a result, don’t dismiss any health concerns. When visiting the distant areas of the Trans-Himalayas, you are bound to face issues if you have some underlying health concerns. So it would be wise not to go for it. Even if you do not have any underlying concerns, bring a basic medical kit just to be on the safer side. Consult with your doctor before embarking on your journey.

Giving your Heart to Ladakh

Ladakh is one such beauty, from which you would never be able to recover. You might return from your trip, but your heart will forever remain in the crests and troughs of Ladakh. No matter how difficult it is to survive in Ladakh, you will fall more and more in love with the place every time you visit. It is truly heaven on earth.

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