Benefits Of Collagen:-

  1. Skin health
  2. Joint health
  • Gut health
  1. Blood sugar control
  2. Brain health
  3. Sleep longevity.

Collagen NZ is increasingly recognised by scientists as the multifaceted powerhouse it is. There is proof that consuming foods high in collagen will help with everything fromjoint discomfort to neurodegenerative conditions like Alzheimer’s.

What, Though, Is Collagen?

About one-third of the protein in your body is made up of collagen. Your tendons, ligaments, bone, cartilage, and skin are where you’ll mostly find it.

Consider collagen as a tough, fibrous protein that helps to keep our bodies together and provides our skin a healthy degree of suppleness. How challenging is that? When stretched, type 1 collagen is more resilient than steel. In actuality, collagen makes up the majority of your connective tissue.

Although there are 28 different forms of collagen, only types 1, 2, and 3 are important for our purposes because they account for 90% of the collagen in your body.

These Significant Collagen Health Advantages

Blood sugar regulation, sleep, radiant skin, joint health, lifespan, and general well-being are essential collagen health advantages. The specifics of each of these, as well as when to take collagen to promote each benefit, are covered below.

1:-The Skin Benefits Of Collagen

Our ability to naturally produce collagen declines with age, which causes the gradual deterioration of our hair, skin, teeth, and nails. This is clearly visible in osteoporosis or wrinkled skin.

In the world of health and beauty, collagen has become well-known as a nonsurgical treatment for wrinkles.

This is supposed to be accomplished by your dermis developing fibroblasts, or specialised cell clusters, which promote the development of new cells. This aids in replacing old, sagging skin with fresh, young skin.

2. Collagen Supplements Aid In Better Food Digestion

Collagen is a protein consisting of several different amino acids, as I said before. Glycine is the single most advantageous amino acid found in collagen.

Because glycine has so many positive effects on your body, you’ll be hearing a lot more about it in the coming years. Read our related article to learn more about glycine’s health advantages.

Consider glycine as your stomach’s saviour. The master at controlling inflammation in the stomach, small intestine, and GI tract is glycine.

When dangerous poisons are able to cross your gut’s digestive tract, it results in inflammation.

3. Collagen Peptides Help To Ease Joint And Tendon Pain

Everybody experiences injuries occasionally. They are bad! The benefits of collagen for joint, ligament, and tendon problems are excellent news, though.

Studies with good design suggest that athletes’ joint pain is reduced by collagen hydrolysate.

This specific study demonstrated decreased joint discomfort in daily life, when at rest, and during strenuous activity like exercise, sports, or weight lifting. The recommended daily dosage of collagen was 10g.

This equates to one typical serving of collagen or gelatin supplement, or bone broth.

4. Collagen’s Longevity Health Benefits

I firmly believe that in order to maintain good health, our western civilization consumes more meat than is necessary.

Our consumption of meat is often unhealthy. If the meat we do consume is still bad, the advice to “eat less meat” utterly misses the issue.

The environmental issues, which are a matter for another day, aren’t even mentioned here. Let’s talk about methionine right now.

The most prevalent amino acid in muscular meats like steak is methionine. It is necessary because your body is unable to produce it on its own. It aids the production of some important chemicals, such as the hormone adrenaline, and helps your liver detoxify medicines.

5. Collagen Promotes Better Sleep And Mood Improvement

An underrated mood relaxer, sleep promoter, and productivity booster is collagen.

Human studies demonstrate that consuming one collagen serving’s three grammes of glycine before bed enhances sleep quality.

Glycine may have you wondering if it will make you pass out like Xanax. No. The exact opposite.

You see, glycine lowers the body’s core temperature and may prevent muscular movement during REM sleep.

As you get closer to bedtime, your body temperature naturally dips and stays low while you sleep.

This might be the reason that glycine promotes sleep, although additional research is required.

6. Increases Brain Health

Anything that improves your ability to sleep should be praised. However, collagen also has other advantages for the health of the brain in addition to elevating mood.

There aren’t many articles on this, but scientists have discovered benefits for schizophrenia patients who take glycine supplements as part of their routine.

The detrimental effects of schizophrenia, including depression and a loss of mental agility, can be treated with glycine. In certain situations, it even lessens the symptoms of psychosis.

The discovery that glycine may aid is crucial because the detrimental symptoms of schizophrenia have such terrible impacts on the sufferer’s capacity to operate in the real world.

7. Collagen Has Antioxidant Properties And May Prevent Asthma

I’ll venture a guess that you’ve heard about the health benefits of antioxidants. Everyone is aware of that. Yet how?

Oxidation is avoided by antioxidants. Cell damage results from oxidation. In order to combat viruses and microorganisms, your body produces oxidants. However, if you generate too much, negative things happen, such as heart disease, cancer, etc.

You are always exposed to oxidants unless you live in a bubble. Therefore, you contribute by consuming blueberries and possibly taking Vitamin C when you’re ill.

It is understood that glutathione serves as the cell’s primary antioxidant. Environmental causes like stress, diseases, ageing, air pollution, GMOs, and others have made us deficient.

8. Collagen For Heart Health And Blood Sugar Control

It’s interesting to note that having high glycine levels reduces your risk of obesity and insulin resistance.

Your blood sugar is stabilised by glycine as well. Blood sugar is stabilised by consuming one serving of collagen (3-5 g of glycine) in the morning.

Our bodies appear to use glucose more effectively when glycine is present. It accomplishes this by generating a hormone that aids in better glucose digestion.

Additionally, glycine and collagen serve to balance off the consumption of methionine. Methionine levels are high in muscle foods like steak and chicken breast.

How Can I Increase My Collagen?

The main qualification is that all collagen and gelatin originate from animal origins, making it regrettably incompatible for vegan diets. The greatest approach to obtain collagen in its whole food form is through COLLAGEN NZ. Electrolytes and collagen protein are abundant.

When consumed as a whole diet, collagen nz provides the most health advantages.