custom vape discreet packaging boxes

Discreet packaging is a key element in the manufacturing of vapes. It has several benefits, but one of the major benefits is that it allows you to protect your product from getting damaged or broken. Custom packaging is a great marketing tool and it helps save your money (without letting you settle for a less quality solutions).

However, many factors go into deciding on the right custom vape discreet packaging boxes for your business. Let’s discuss seven tips that can assist you to manufacture better vape cartridge packaging.

Deciding On The Right Packaging Material

To choose the right material, you should be looking for one that is:


It has to be able to withstand heat and pressure from machines.

Easy To Manufacture

Custom vape boxes help you to manufacture effective packaging with the very least probability of making mistakes. In this way, you can choose a customized design, printing, and finishing to present your product in the best way.


These boxes are easy to recycle or reprocess into another product with little energy used up during this process. This means less pollution for our environment.

Easy To Ship

You may have customers all over the world waiting on their orders from you so it is important that your packaging is not too heavy so as not to increase shipping costs unnecessarily.

Selecting A Printing Company

When you are looking for a printing company, they must have experience in the packaging industry. A good way to find a printing company with experience is by looking at their portfolio and seeing how many products they have printed. A good reputation will also be an indicator that they are a reliable printer. When looking at their portfolio, look for pictures of disposable vape packaging.

To make your products look professional and attractive, use custom boxes to make your customers want to buy them. Another thing you should check about your potential print partner is their track record of delivering high-quality products on time and within budget. Check if they have any customer testimonials or reviews from other businesses who have used them before so that you can see what people think about their services before committing yourself to work with them on your project.

Create A Right Type Of Packaging

When choosing the right type of vape discreet packaging, you have to consider the things such as:

  • The law requirements
  • Cost efficiency
  • Ease of use and convenience

Company’s Branding And Logo

The logo should be easy to recognize, easy to print, easy to read, easy to remember, and lastly, it must be something that will make your clients like your brand. Your company’s name should appear on the front cover of each box so customers can easily identify what is inside the box. The logo should also appear on a sticker or label placed on the side of each box for added security and identification purposes.

Online Reputation Management

A strong online reputation can help you get more customers, but a bad one can hurt your business. To manage or improve your company’s reputation, you need to know what people are saying about your brand and how they are saying it. For this purpose, custom packaging can help you to influence people on different social media platforms.

You also need to monitor changes in the conversation around your brand over time and respond appropriately when necessary. In this facet, the unboxing trend has gained much popularity in recent years.

Go For Quality

When it comes to packaging your vape, you must ensure that you are going for quality over quantity. This means making sure your packaging is durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of handling by customers and retail workers alike, as well as being recyclable and cost-effective.

Also, remember that regulations are set in place at both national and international levels. Make sure your packaging meets all relevant regulations before implementing it into your manufacturing process.

People’s Preference Concerns

People are becoming more health-conscious, and many prefer to get ecological options such as cardboard and corrugated cardboard boxes. You can use these preferences to your advantage by offering a range of options that give consumers more choices in their vaping experience. This can help boost sales and generate even greater customer loyalty.

It is not just about aesthetics though some people also want something biodegradable or recyclable as well as discreet and portable. The ultimate benefit is that all these issues are easily dealt with, so long as you plan for them during production.

Do Proper Customizations

The best way to start a design process is by brainstorming with your team and creating a mood board. It helps you visualize the result, and it gives everyone a sense of what they are working towards. When you are ready to pick colors, consider which colors are most appealing to your customers, as well as what will stand out on store shelves and make customers want to buy your product over other brands’ products (color psychology).

You can also consider using multiple colors throughout the design to create interest without making it confusing for people who are color blind (reds vs greens for example). If possible, choose an interesting material that won’t get damaged when someone drops their vape pen discreetly into their pocket or purse. It will ensure all materials used are safe for human consumption which is a crucial aspect to be considered.

This way if something does happen and some juice leaks out onto clothing or electronics, there won’t be any health risk involved because all materials used were approved by officials beforehand.


At the end of the day, it is your brand that will be seen by consumers. The best vape cart packaging must project a positive image and help sell your products. The best way to do this is to select a quality printing company with an excellent reputation, who knows what they are doing when it comes to printing on different kinds of materials i.e., paperboard.