strength tattoos

Tattoos are not only limited to fashion and show-off. They are our representatives in the form of art. Today, we will be talking about strength tattoos. These tattoos are trendy because they can make the wearer feel strong and determined.

These tattoos, whether small or big, give inspiration and courage to us in our tough times. They remind us that a beautiful life waits for us beyond all those hardships.

We have rounded up the top 9 powerful strength tattoos that you can always look up for inspiration.

Fire tattoo

 Fire is fierce and powerful. A small amount of it can cause great havoc. But it also symbolizes strength and courage. No matter how we are doing or how many hurdles are there, we should always let the fire of hope and determination burn inside us. We should embrace our inner power. This tattoo is even better for those who are a fire sign.

Butterfly tattoo with a semicolon

Grammatically, we place a semicolon between sentences. It indicates the idea of ‘to be continued.’ But this sign is beyond the grammar. It is a pivotal symbol for the survivors of mental health illnesses.

The semicolon symbol is becoming popular as it raises awareness about mental health issues, symbolizing that life is to be continued, no matter how many difficulties are there in your path. A butterfly with a semicolon is an excellent symbol of inner strength and power.

Empowering line art tattoo

This empowering tattoo has a girl with her hand raised, resembling her strength and courage. This tattoo is dainty and subtle but deeply impacts the wearer. What makes it even more beautiful is the black outline of this tattoo.

Knot tattoo

 A single thread is delicate and can break easily, but when tied in a knot, it is unbreakable. On this idea exist this beautiful knot tattoo. Though its design is somewhat feminine, it reflects a powerful message.

The knot tattoo represents that when a community is united, it is supreme and unbeatable. Also, unity can make a strong person more courageous and stronger.

Wolves tattoo on the neck

The wolf animal is associated with spirituality. The pack of wolves is fierce in hunting and protecting their kin. When alone, wolves survive the wilderness. That indicates that whether they are alone or in a pack, they always remain strong and fearless.

So, this tattoo is great to get inked on your body. It inspires you to fight your fears and enemies. A wolf tattoo is best to embrace your inner power.

Thunderbolt strength tattoo

One of the small tattoos, the thunderbolt tattoo is very powerful. A thunderbolt strikes in just a few seconds but still can wreak havoc. Our ancestors used to fear the thunderbolt and often worshipped it. If you believe in the power of nature and want to embrace it, try this whimsical thunderbolt tattoo. It represents your fierce and powerful side.


Lotus tattoo 

A lotus grows and blooms out of mud, making it a great example of strength and resilience. It has a significant place in Buddhism also. Though it grows from a muddy swamp, it remains clean and beautiful. That’s why it is a perfect example of purity and integrity.

A lotus tattoo will inspire you to grow from roots and reach the top. It reminds the wearer that with his inner strength, good mental health and determination, he reaches heights in whatever he does.

Uruz symbol tattoo

The symbol of Uruz seems like it’s the N letter in half or a half triangle. But, it is a rune of an ancient ox. These cattle were quite strong and lively in ancient times. So, the symbol became a representation of strength and power.

This sign has two straight lines that point in the downward direction. It gives the picture of a chair that is bound to the ground. It symbolizes the balance of the structure.

Griffin tattoo

A mythological creature, the griffin has been in myths for many centuries. This creature is the blend of a lion and an eagle, both of which are fierce and powerful creatures. Griffin is a powerful beast full of wisdom

In the ancient mythology of Africa, Griffin was known to protect the royal treasury. It serves as a protector symbol which, sometimes, is used in the military. Such tattoo designs for men are an ideal symbol of protection and wisdom.