hypnobirthing techniqueshypnobirthing techniques

Safety –  both in the feeling of safety that we want our participants to feel and in regards to their well-being is a key principle of hypnobirthing techniques. We’ll work together to give you the skills that help you experience birthing in an atmosphere of calm relaxation and free of the negative emotions that actually increase the risks involved with labour and pregnancy. Feelings of fear and anxiety are known to prevent the natural relaxation of your muscles and the release of the naturally occurring chemicals in your body that make you feel calm. The lessons that we engage in are completely safe and Little Bird Flies prides itself on our ability to listen and respond to your needs at all times. Let’s discuss the emotions and feelings associated with that may make you feel unsafe during your pregnancy.

How can hypnobirthing help you experience an empowered safe birth?

The sensations we feel in labour are the by-product of the intense work our uterine muscles are doing to labour and birth your baby. Labour is the most incredible feat a woman or uterine-beholding person can experience. We’ve been doing it for centuries.  It is raw, it is NATURAL, and it is INSTINCTUAL. Your body is not trying to hurt you it’s just the opposite.  It’s trying to work with you. Feeling pain sends alarm bells no matter how small or mighty the pain you are experiencing might be. A sense of fear will quickly overcome us; kick-starting our “fight/flight” response system which is followed by a build-up of tension- most often seen through our shoulders and neck but affecting our entire body including areas we cannot see such as our uterine muscles. This cycle is what we call “fear, tension, pain” syndrome, a term coined by Dr Grantly Dick Read in the early 1900s. If we don’t break this cycle, the pain will continue to bubble and build and very quickly snowball into an overwhelming ball of fire within you screaming for help. We know that if we can surrender to our body’s sensations, we are sending a message to our brain and our nervous system that we are still safe, there is no reason for our fight/flight system to kick in and create a reason for more pain and more tension. So how do we do this? We create a space of calm, of safety and unwavering support for a labouring person.

Does hypnobirthing work for everyone?

There isn’t a singular approach to an empowered birth for everyone because it is such an intimately, unique journey for us all. We know it can work but it will work differently from one birthing story to the next. If you commit to your personalized hypnobirthing lessons we can offer you and apply them in a way that is true to you, then you’ll definitely feel less powerless to it all. Hypnobirthing will allow you to labour with a confidence you never thought you had, and the knowledge to make empowered and safe decisions for you and your baby.

Learn hypnobirthing techniques with Little Bird Flies

Hypnobirthing Australia ™ Positive Birth course at Little Bird Flies will teach you and your birthing partner a variety of techniques including learning how to rewire and condition your mind and body to labour and birth just as you were designed to; instinctually. We’ll do it all while providing a safe, welcoming environment that is only made sweeter by other expecting parents joining you on this journey or if you would prefer 1:1 in your own home with Melissa. While we do not guarantee that you will experience a birth free of pain or some degree of intervention, we do intend to give you all the knowledge for you to have a calm pregnancy and a positive birth experience. Our course keeps everyone fully involved, including your birth partner, to ensure that everyone plays an important part in delivering a birth experience that feels right for you.