Benefits of HIITBenefits of HIIT

Exercise is the balm for the soul. It helps in preventing a number of health problems, some of which are chronic. It is also helpful for losing and maintaining weight, alongside improved mental health. 

However, despite knowing the benefits of exercise, people are unable to carry out the sufficient workout. Often, it is to do with time. Some people do not have gym subscriptions and others want instant gratification. Getting sophisticated workout machines is also not up everyone’s alley. 

One exercise that can address all these problems is HIIT or high intensity interval training. It involves doing short sprints of high intensity workout, followed by downtime. During the high intensity period, body is pushed to its limits, which ensures that maximum calories are burnt in minimum time. 

However, it is pertinent that you be safe during. The risk of injury may run higher due to the challenging exercises. You can then sustain trauma or sprains, meriting a visit to the Orthopedic Surgeon in Doctors Hospital Lahore then. One way to curb the risk is by investing in good shoes, and gradually increasing the difficulty of the task. 

There are various exercises that are performed in HIIT, including jumping jacks, high knees, mountain climbers, burpees etc. You can also apply the HIIT principle to one unique exercise, like sprinting or cycling; bursts followed by breaks. 

Benefits of HIIT

HIIT has gained significant attention and for good reason. It offers a range of benefits, including: 

Builds muscles

Those looking to be buff, HIIT is especially effective. Generally, a holistic HIIT session works the entire body. Each cycle is then composite of a wide range of exercises. These target different subsets of muscles. The targeted workout ensure that all muscles get their due attention, which helps in building muscle mass then. 

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What makes HIIT more effective from other forms of exercises that may also involve similar motion is the high intensity in which the training is done. During the specific interval, you muscle is pushed, which then helps in improving their strength. 

Calories burnt

Most of us exercise not just for our health, but to burn calories. HIIT can help you get to your model figure, or maintain your ideal weight, as it helps in burning more calories in the same period of time as other forms of exercises like cardio or yoga. 

Improved circulation 

Having efficient blood supply is imperative for the body, and HIIT can help you achieve that. It helps in improving the cardiovascular system, which helps in effective distribution of oxygen around the body.

This has profound importance for those suffering from compromised blood flow. 

Fat loss 

HIIT has shown to be effective for losing fat. It helps in losing the excess fat in shorter period of time. 

Prevents chronic diseases

A vast majority of global population is haunted by chronic problems like hypertension and diabetes. Not only do they lead to grave problems in the body but if unchecked, they may even be fatal. 

Hence, it is not only necessary to prevent the risk of these disease, but if you happen to get them, then manage them. HIIT can help you with both. It not only improving blood pressure but is also helpful for moderating the blood glucose levels. 

Weight loss 

HIIT is more effective for weight loss. This is because it helps in burning more calories, and increases the metabolic rate, so that your body continues burning calories at a faster rate even after you are done working out. 

Safety tips 

Just as with any exercise, being safe is important. You should always warmup before starting exercise, otherwise, the risk for injury is high. 

Similarly, since HIIT is high intensity, set your level appropriately. If you are a beginner, choose workouts accordingly. Otherwise, you might end up hurting your muscles or bones, meriting a visit to the Orthopedic Surgeon in Boulevard Hospital then. 

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