Most of us are aware of the effects of jet lag – we feel tired, exhausted, irritable, and generally less productive than usual. Jet lag can even cause headaches, nausea, and insomnia. And while some people find it hard to adjust to different time zones, others struggle to function properly. For example, a study found that those traveling westward had lower cognitive functioning

levels than those traveling eastward.

How Can A Private Jet Charter help?

There are two important aspects where Private jet charter helps over the commercial flights to combat Jet Lag:


Light is one of the most important things to consider when flying. Our internal body clock is influenced by external factors, the most prominent is light. Depending on the day or night, your body signals whether you should sleep or awake.

A private jet charter lets you schedule your timings so that your body clock can adjust accordingly. Wearing sunglasses is an effective way to block the light from getting into your eyes and helps adjust your internal body clock.

Most private jets are equipped with High-tech lighting that helps get rid of jet lag and is not available on most public flights.


Jet lag is caused by changes in our internal clock, which occurs every night as we fall asleep. When we travel across different time zones, our body doesn’t automatically adjust to the new time zone — it takes 24 hours. So, if you go from Eastern Standard Time to Central European Time, your internal clock will think it’s still morning because it hasn’t been adjusted yet. Your circadian rhythm won’t sync up with local daylight until you wake up again.

You can avoid jet lag altogether by immediately adapting to the new sleeping schedule. If you know you’ll be traveling eastward, try to change your sleep pattern so that you’re getting into bed at least one hour later each day. For example, if you normally go to bed around 9 p.m., try to bed at 10 p.m. the night before you fly out. Then, once you arrive at your destination, go to bed an hour earlier than normal.

If you’re flying westbound, try to shift your sleep schedule earlier by one hour. For example, if your usual bedtime is 11 p.m., try going to bed at 10 p..m. the night before flying out. Once you arrive at your destination and wake up early, go to bed one hour earlier than normal. It will help reset your internal clock faster.

Regulating your sleep patterns is more difficult on commercial flights than on private jets. You have better control over the noise and lighting levels in a private jet than on commercial flights.


Flying by private jet charter is a great way to eliminate jet lag. It gives you complete control over your schedule and allows you to set your timings for sleeping and eating. It also makes sure that you don’t miss any appointments or meetings.

So, next time you plan to take a trip, hire a private jet charter company from Blueheights Aviation.



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