While trees can be a source of shade and cool air during the summers, they may grow close to a home/building and be a nuisance sometimes. In the latter scenario, you may need to hire an expert service for tree removal in Oklahoma City OK for removing or trimming the tree. Giant trees with haphazard growth can be a hazard when they acquire the potential to damage or break the electricity lines, telephone wires, and other utilities. Sometimes the trees may also have to be removed when you are looking forward to acquiring some extra space in your outdoor garden and yard. Tree removal and trimming services can make your yard, outdoor spaces, and home safer, more beautiful, and even more valuable.

Tipping the Tree Removal Service Providers

While you have to pay a reasonable amount of money when you hire the services, tipping is also common. The tree removal and trimming services can be tipped in cases when:

  • Your job has been exceptional and well done.
  • The tree removal/trimming task and the cleaning required were much tough/more arduous than the normal jobs.
  • You think that the tree removal service provider has performed much better than your expectations.
  • Apart from the above-listed scenarios, people usually tip the tree removal/trimming service providers during the holiday season as well.

Tipping is common for tree removal and tree trimming services. You can also tip your tree removal service provider an appropriate amount.

The Amount and Timing of the Tipping

The most common time for tipping a tree removal service is usually at the end of the job. You can tip the tree removal service provider when the project has been completed and the desired removal and trimming have been accomplished. If you want to know more about the amount that should be tipped, you can follow the below-given guidelines.

Percentage tipping: if it is a single and individual job, you can tip the service provider based on a fraction or percentage of the bill. For such individual tipping, the tip amount is approximately 15% to 20% of the total amount of the bill.

Person tipping: in some cases, the clients may not find it appropriate to tip based on the total percentage of the bill amount. These are the cases when the total bill amount is either too high/large or very small. In such a scenario, you can tip somewhere between $ 5 to $ 15 to each of the workers and service providers at the end of the job.

Tipping for a Holiday: if you have hired a tree removal and trimming service during a holiday season, tipping is common. If an individual is performing the job and works for you often, the customers usually pay somewhere between $ 50 to $ 100 as a tip. In case a group of workers is delivering to you the project, you may tip each of them somewhere between $ 20.to $ 50.


The cost of tree removal and trimming services is approximately $ 860 on average. The tipping amount that you pay is only reasonable and not very expensive. However, it may mean a lot for people delivering tree removal and trimming jobs and services and can boost their morale and motivation as well. A reputable and reliable Oklahoma tree removal service can deliver to you exceptional results and make your home and yard safer, more beautiful, and more valuable at a very affordable cost.

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