Does Arthritis Qualify for Medical Marijuana Access in Louisiana?Does Arthritis Qualify for Medical Marijuana Access in Louisiana?

Arthritis starts with joint pain and may slowly make you immobile. It degenerates the condition of your bones, and you may not be able to walk or move properly if the problem becomes too severe.

Many doctors prescribe painkillers or a range of medicines and exercises, but they usually take a long time to deliver their results.

As an alternative treatment, you can try medical marijuana. It may alleviate your arthritis symptoms and make you more mobile than before.

If you want to try it, apply for a medical marijuana card in Louisiana today!

Does MMJ help with Arthritis?

According to a study on the therapeutic benefits of MMJ on arthritis, people who tried medical marijuana eventually experienced better results than those who continued taking traditional medicine. The participants who took MMJ said that they experienced significantly less joint pain after a few days.

Scientists and researchers believe that the anti-inflammatory property of cannabis has the potential to deal with the pain that people experience from arthritis. The cannabinoid compounds in MMJ work with the endocannabinoid receptors in the body to send signals that alleviate the symptoms related to joint pain.

How Many Patients in Louisiana are Suffering from Arthritis

As per the latest reports, more than 58.5 million people in the United States suffer from arthritis. In fact, it is now the leading cause of work disability in Louisiana.

The doctors even pointed out that the age group between 18 and 64 is more prone to developing this problem. Most patients say that they either have difficulty climbing the stairs or getting up from the sofa and standing properly.

If you also notice the same symptoms, don’t hesitate to contact a doctor. It can be a sign of arthritis.

Can Cannabis Ease Arthritis Pain?

A study shows how the anti-inflammatory property works on a patient’s body to alleviate the symptoms of arthritis. This means you may feel comfortable after taking medical marijuana but you shouldn’t expect it to fully treat the problem immediately.

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How is Medical Cannabis Best Used for Arthritis?

It depends on what instructions your doctor provides. Medical cannabis may be available as pills or tinctures or flower. You need to confirm the appropriate dose that can drive the symptoms away as soon as possible with a medical cannabis doctor.

How Can Cannabis Help With Arthritis?

The compounds in cannabis have anti-inflammatory properties that alleviate the pain you experience due to arthritis. In fact, a research study completed in 2020 showed that medical marijuana compounds are effective in reducing the production of synovial fibroblasts

Synovial fibroblasts are molecules that break down your cartilage if you have rheumatoid arthritis.

Medical Cannabis and Arthritis Inflammation

One of the reasons why medical cannabis is popular for treating arthritis is that it has anti-inflammatory properties that efficiently work with endocannabinoid receptors to ease joint pain.

Medical Cannabis and Arthritis Pain

You may question whether your arthritis pain would go away permanently if you take medical cannabis. Although it’s not possible to say that medical cannabis completely treats arthritis, it definitely relieves the pain for a long period.

You should talk to your doctor about trying MMJ..

Why Medical Marijuana Is Safe to Recommend for Patients With Arthritis

Medical marijuana doesn’t exhibit any side effects if you take it according to the dosage recommendations specified by the doctor. The recommended dose will relieve you from the chronic pain that you so often experience.

Where to get medical marijuana recommendations in Louisiana?

Louisiana has currently 9 medical marijuana pharmacies.

  • H&W Dispensary – New Orleans – 504-244-3784
  • Capitol Wellness Solutions – Baton Rouge – 225-800-9420
  • The Apothecary Shop – Lafayette – 337-345-4500
  • Willow Pharmacy – Madisonville – 985-792-2391
  • The Medicine Cabinet – Alexandria – 318-528-8765
  • Greenleaf Dispensary – Houma – 985-360-3372
  • Hope Pharmacy – Shreveport – 318-585-0420
  • Delta Medmar – West Monroe – 318-855-3373
  • Medicis Pharmacy – Lake Charles -337-420-8420

Arthritis can make you immobile if you don’t start the treatment in time. While traditional medication and exercises may help, you should also try medical marijuana.

It has enough pieces of evidence that prove that it can become an alternative treatment for arthritis and relieve you from tremendous joint pain.

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