Dog Ownership

When you own a dog, the responsibility that you carry on your shoulders is huge. Treating your dog like a member of your family and looking after it with respect is important. To be a responsible dog owner, it is important to invest your time and energy into your dog, its behavior, and welfare – as much as you can.

Training and Socializing Your Dog

Dogs should be naturally curious and enjoy spending time outdoors meeting other people and socializing with other dogs. Whether you have a rescue dog or a puppy, you will see as a responsible owner just how important training and socialization are. Attending positive dog training classes and reinforcing the training and socialization techniques that you learn is crucial. If dogs and puppies are not socialized, you may well find that trips to the park or even a local short walk can be traumatic and stressful for your dog.

Regular Trips to the Vets

Your dog (no matter their age) is going to need regular trips to the vet. Getting a once-over health check from the vet annually and checking your dog is as healthy and happy as possible is critical. On regular trips to vets, you may find out that your dog has underlying issues or causes that give you elevated levels of stress. For example, a routine checkup could lead your dog to be diagnosed with diabetes (especially if overweight). Knowing how to treat issues and causes and even understanding diabetes in dogs is going to prove beneficial.

Toilet Training Done With Patience

There are many reasons why your dog or puppy may struggle with toilet training. Patience on your part is important, and it is a skill you will need to develop as a responsible pet owner. Your dog or puppy is going to have accidents, and when they are excited, nervous, or anxious, you will notice that the frequency in which accidents happen increases. Reinforcing toilet training is crucial. Using positive language and behavior is also recommended. As a responsible owner, it is your responsibility to always pick up after your dog and always make sure that toilet training is done in a rewarding and positive setting.

Vaccinations and Immunizations

There are lots of diseases and infections around that can cause harm to your dog. Making sure that your dog’s vaccination and immunizations are up to date is essential. If there are any lapses or crossovers, you may well find that your dog is not covered or protected as well as you thought they were. Speaking to a vet about what immunizations and vaccinations (together with records) are required and why will prove beneficial.

A Healthy and Balanced Diet

You love giving treats to your dog. However, are they always the best thing to give? It can be easy to treat your dog and give them the odd titbit. However, this can negatively impact their health and well-being, especially if the number of titbits gives increases. Giving your dog a healthy and balanced diet will help your dog look its best.