In the construction industry, the quality of a company’s work and its professional reputation can depend heavily on the efforts of its workforce. Here are some things that you can do to build a workforce that’s skilled, engaged, and well-managed.

Give Employees the Resources That They Need to Do Great Work

Builders and other contractors need the right tools and equipment for any job that they take on. Understandably, workers are going to find it frustrating when their employers don’t give them the tools that they need to perform work efficiently and safely.

In providing equipment for your personnel, safety has to be a priority. Cleaning and maintenance will help to keep tools and machinery in good condition, but you’ve also got to be ready to replace items that aren’t working properly and can’t be repaired. It’s unreasonable to expect workers to use wobbly ladders or worn down sawing equipment.

Likewise, you’ve got to make sure that you have adequate quantities of the tools and other items that your team needs to carry out work. When there aren’t enough items to go around, your project site could become the stereotypical picture of a bunch of workers sitting around while only two people are actually working.

To accept projects with a sizeable scope of work, you may have to make some quick adjustments to get your team what they need. In these situations, the best route is probably going to be contacting an equipment rental company or local truck rental agency. By renting, you can give your team essential vehicles, machinery, or tools without making huge expenditures.

Screen Employment Applicants Thoroughly

The process of screening applicants should include a background check that consists of employment verifications and a criminal history report. Of course, a criminal conviction shouldn’t represent a bar to employment. However, employers should take note of open cases because an active criminal matter could interfere with a person’s ability to work. In addition, certain types of violent offenses or incidences of financial dishonesty may constitute a red flag for a hiring manager.

In the construction field, it may also be necessary to verify relevant professional licenses or educational certifications in pre-employment screening. Employers have to accurately assess candidates’ competencies to determine whether they have the requisite skills or credentials  to perform work safely and correctly.

A driving record check may be another key criteria if they will be using company vehicles or simply driving on the company’s behalf in their own vehicle. The time that individuals spend driving to and from a job site in their own vehicles probably won’t be considered driving within the scope of their employment. Transporting materials or driving between job sites, in contrast, exemplify driving for work purposes. This means that an accident could impart liability to a driver’s employer. Failing to check an individual’s driving history could amount to negligent hiring practices and thereby pose a considerable liability risk to a construction company.

Make Jobsite Meetings Productive

Assembling your team to review plans and responsibilities isn’t a formality. You have to use that time to ensure that everyone has the direction that they need to understand your expectations and their individual job duties. It’s also an important time to get feedback from workers about the progress of work, site conditions, and staffing needs.

Giving workers a forum to communicate as a team and invite participation creates a team-driven atmosphere. It can also contribute to a culture of accountability. People think more about the individuals who they’re working alongside and how their own work affects that person’s work.

Meetings are also an opportune time to review safety protocols. Incorporating time for a safety meeting into every jobsite meeting is a great way to demonstrate your commitment to your workers’ safety.

Ultimately, it is important for contracting business owners to give employee management the attention it deserves. They have to work hard to recruit and retain great employees in order to stay competitive.


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