Ronald Joyce designer wedding dressesRonald Joyce designer wedding dresses

Your wedding day is hailed to be one of the most important days of your life and trying to prepare for that adds a little bit of pressure!

Everyone wants to make sure they have everything covered when the day gets here, which is why it is usually helpful to follow a checklist and work methodically to make sure everything is covered.

This piece is going to take a look at a couple of essentials for your wedding that you will not want to forget, just in case they might have slipped off your radar.

Let’s get into it!

The Officiary

Without an officiary, it is impossible to get married, so making sure all of the legal parts of the wedding are in place is crucial. This includes the officiating body who provide the legal documents for you to sign.

If you are a couple who are happy to get married wherever, in almost any conditions, then having the right people there is essentially all that you need!

Sometimes officiaries are booked up years in advance, so that is worth taking into consideration if you are planning a short engagement.

A Venue

Having an idea about what location you want to get married will be helpful for choosing your venue. No longer are people expected only to get married in Church under the eyes of God, and anywhere can become your sacred space to profess your love to one another along with your guests, if you choose to have any!

Old buildings with character are often a popular choice, along with scenic settings such as the beach, on top of a hill with a cracking view, or even somewhere like the woods!

Just make sure everyone can actually get there if you are planning on having guests, and that your officiants are happy to comply with your request.

The Clothes

You can dress up every day as a princess, and no one should get in the way of that, but for those of us who are a slave to our work uniform or the practicalities of life, wearing a wedding dress might just get in the way. It is your day, and it is time to go all out, so getting a dress could be classed as an essential!

Try on as many dresses as your heart desires, as that is half of the fun, and even check out dresses you might not have thought of looking at such as Ronald Joyce designer wedding dresses. Designer wedding dresses might sound of your price range, but you could be pleasantly surprised!

The Food

No wedding is complete without some grub and if you have a few guests coming it is usually the highlight of the day, apart from watching you and your other half profess your undying love of course. Not only that, but weddings are long days, which is why it is important that you can eat and drink to keep that energy and hydration up!