The so-called “IQOS 4” is a tobacco heating device made by Philip Morris dubbed IQOS Iluma Prime. All smokers will enjoy the unique TEREA sticks, unmatched design, and cutting-edge tobacco heating technology that the new generation has added to the renowned brand.

Induction heating of tobacco sticks was exhibited by IQOS Iluma Prime in Dubai and considerably beyond expectations. This method differs from heating using a chamber and employing a blade or rod in the device on which the stick is attached. The business has already received a patent for the novel technique known as the “Smart Core Induction System.”


The risk of blade breaking is eliminated with new construction without blades. It eliminates the need for labor-intensive cleaning after use. The device can be used twice straight. The heating can also be started automatically using this feature.


Due to the absence of locks and coverings, the initial IQOS Iluma Prime in Uae does not resemble the design of earlier cases. Beautifully enveloped in a magnetic “blanket,” the metal shell shields and firmly secures the holder behind it. This component is available in leather, metal, and fabric in addition to being customizable. Similar to the IQOS 3 DUOS, the new IQOS Iluma Prime has a modified holder design and supports a maximum of two continuous sessions. Right next to the button are many indicator lights. Like the caps on earlier models, the replaceable ring on the holder’s tip can be customised.


Why do people like to vape?


The various benefits of a disposable vape pen will undoubtedly be in your favor if you decide to get one. Whether you’re new to vaping or a seasoned user, consider these six benefits of buying a disposable vape.



When you vape, you don’t need a lighter or anything else that, if set down, could start a fire. Of course, there is a chance that anything electrical could be harmful. However, compared to disposable vape pens, cigarettes are more likely to harm you.


Comparisons between vape pens and cigarettes show that the former is the more practical choice. You’ll be relieved to learn that disposable vape pens last significantly longer than regular tobacco cigarettes if you wonder how long disposable vape pens last.

Disposable vape pens are simple and don’t cause any trouble or mess. You may discover that very few disposable devices need anything more than unwrapping and drawing from the mouthpiece when you search for instructions on using a disposable vape pen.



Availability is crucial when it comes to your demands and wants for vaping, especially in light of restrictions on the sale and purchase of disposable vape pens across the nation, and the entire world, for that matter.



Low Maintenance

Forget about when you had to monitor your vape and carefully keep your vape pens clean. You can use vaping technology with disposable vapes without worrying about upkeep. There isn’t any e-juice to keep replacing. The hardware components can be cleaned or maintained—no bother over-replacing spoiled batteries or an expensive vape pen that is inactive. Disposable vapes don’t need any upkeep.



Disposable vape pens are pretty fashionable and provide an excellent vaping experience. The vaping devices are frequently stylish and created for consumers to vape on the go. Alternately, they also make excellent covert vaping apparatus. You want a disposable vaporizer that fits conveniently in one hand while hunting for the best one.

You may get some of the most fashionable styles of disposable vape pens on the market.