Factors to Think about When Buying Baby ClothesFactors to Think about When Buying Baby Clothes

When there is a baby coming the expecting parents and the family and friends around them often indulge in spending money on clothing. After all, it is all so darn cute! Who can resist baby socks, all-in-ones, and the soft organic grow suits with Susukoshi? There are so many fun designs and styles to explore all in miniature form! There are some things to think about though before you rush out and start buying clothes for the wee ones. Here are some helpful factors to keep in mind before you buy anything.

Is it going to be comfortable?

Your top priority over whether it looks great has to be whether the baby will be comfortable wearing it. Look for words like comfortable, relaxed, and stretchy, in the description and look at the material they are made from. Cotton is a good one as it is comfortable against their skin and does not cause irritations or rashes. Keep in mind a lot of babies have sensitive skin and react very easily to certain materials so choose something safe.

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Is it practical?

You should also consider how functional the clothing is too. No matter how stylish if it is not something that can crawl in, kick in, or that is hard to change their nappy in, then that is not a practical outfit and the parents may tuck that at the back of the closet! A good example of practical and comfortable is Halcyon Nights bodysuits and zip suits.

What size should you buy?

Now size can be tricky, if they are not yet born you might be tempted to get the newborn size, but some babies are born big, and a lot of other people are likely getting them clothes in that size. Maybe get a size up from that as they grow so quickly anyway. If the baby is here it tends to make sense to talk to the parents or someone who has seen them to find out if they are a big baby or smaller.

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Think about the bows, snaps, and buttons

While bows might look cute, is it safe and is it practical? What position are the snaps, buttons, and bows in? Susukoshi has well-designed outfits where these things are placed with thought and remain practical.

What season is it?

If you want to buy clothing for how old they are now then think about the season now. There is no point in buying a cute winter jacket for them when it is warm, and they will have outgrown it by the time they might wear it. Think about making sure the clothes protect them from the sun and the cold.

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It is important to think about the above things when buying clothes for a baby so that you get something appropriate that they will actually wear. It is not always easy if you do not have children yourself though manufacturers like Halcyon Nights do make it easier to get the right balance of comfortable, safe, and practicality while also being stylish too.



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