A fall wedding is the perfect opportunity to fuse late summer and autumn motifs. Many fall brides choose a striking combination of sunflowers and roses along with stunning shades of pumpkin, purple, gold, and seaside blues for bridesmaid dresses, linens, and cakes. Carry this tradition on with your thoughtfully selected shower gift, and you’ll be sure to wow them!

Foil Pressed Stationery. Email and phone correspondence may be the preferred method for most communications today, but when it comes to tradition and elegance, grace the bride to be with this Foil Pressed Stationery offered by Mint. Made of recycled paper and double thick, she’ll love the real gold foil and hint of fauna surrounding her encircled initial at the top.

The Newlywed Table: A Cookbook to Start Your Life Together. A couple that cooks together has fun together. This cookbook is especially dedicated to newlyweds who are eager to share their lives as well as their kitchen and culinary techniques. Just in time for holiday gatherings, over 100 recipes are sure to help them perfect their cooking skills.

Visa Gift Card. An ideal gift for the bride to be, you can bet she won’t be standing in line to return this Visa Gift Card! It’s easy to get a special photo on the front with bespoke text to help celebrate the day or her future. Easy, convenient, and she can feel secure with the ability to purchase from thousands of vendors all over the globe.

Scented Candle Gift Set. Refreshingly gender neutral this scented candle gift set features 3 scented candles: Alpine Spruce, Spring Meadow, and Misty Falls. The dark tinted jars exude an autumnal warmth. The candles are made of soy and crackle like a wood fire for the ultimate in late summer enjoyment.

Kimono Drawstring Robe. Available by Nap, the Classic Kimono Drawstring Robe is understated elegance the bride will be wearing as often as possible. Available in a variety of hues including white, black, and deep khaki, this robe offers deep slouch pockets and a fun, free flowing fit. If you want to complete the look for her, don’t leave her feet bare – grab the cashmere pom pom slippers, too.

Weekender Jewelry Case. Your friend, the bride to be, is growing her collection of jewelry and will need a safe, secure and lovely place to put it! The Weekender Jewelry Case Pearl White by Rellery is a circular vegan leather pouch with a zipper around the center. It features 2 compartments, a  mirror and 8 padded slots. 

Mon Paris Eau de Parfum Fragrance. Whether she is jetting off to Paris Texas or Paris France for her honeymoon, she will adore this romantic perfume that is inspired by floral and fruity notes. Set inside a gorgeous spray bottle with feminine black ribbons that emulate the Yves Saint Laurent brand, the bride will stow it away in her purse so she can feel sexy and beautiful all day long.

Weighted Blanket. Blankets aren’t just for sleeping anymore! The Bearaby Tencel ™ Napper weighted blanket is so soft, cuddly and just the right amount of warmth, she’ll wrap herself in it while watching t.v., talking on the phone and reading a book.  Choose between 15 and 20 lbs., these blankets are designed to help ease stress and anxiety (cue Bridezilla!) and are available in a variety of colors that are sure to dazzle her personal color pallet.

The Claire Dried Bouquet. You can never go wrong with the gift of flowers, and this dried bouquet is a mix of perfection that will grace her foyer, entryway or bedroom for a long time to come. With the proper care, the dried stems will last for months with no light or water required. Each is uniquely different from the rest, with bold textures and stirring pinks popping out of a gracious and delicate white vase, promised to blend in just about anywhere.

Hook Pillow by Jungalow. The Primavera Hook Pillow available at Jungalow is a gorgeous addition for any sofa, chair or bed. Featuring original artwork by artist Justina Blakeney ®, this textured pillow features flirty amber and gold tassels streaming off stems from a ceramic-inspired vase. 

Treat the bride-to-be with a gift that celebrates the season she has chosen to marry her best friend.

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