Features to consider when looking for a good co-working spaceFeatures to Consider When Looking for a Good Co-working Space

If you are looking for a flexible work environment that offers more than just a quiet room to plug away in, shared spaces could be right up your alley. With so many options out there, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the options and unsure if what you are searching for is available. By learning about the following aspects of a good co-working space, you will have an easier time finding exactly what you need.

Superb Amenities

The first feature of great shared space is its amenities, including high-speed Wi-Fi, printers and whiteboard markers, or a nice cafe or restaurant serving quality food. A good coworking space will also have conference rooms and printed materials like brochures updated online to find out about the best events in your area. Many spaces have a nice lounge area for relaxing after work, which is necessary for people who prefer to unwind overworking.

Membership Access

Most coworking spaces offer some membership. That can significantly benefit people who want the freedom to work from their home, for example, or for those who want to work with a group of colleagues on something specific. The main perk of membership is that it gives you access to the workspace and access to, or in the case of shared spaces, a chance to rent out workspace time if there are not enough members able to use it. That means you can have all the available amenities in the space, but you are still renting out your own time when you are not working in it.

Onsite Events

These events are often open to members only and are usually hosted by the coworking space, though they could be hosted by a partner organization like a nearby university. They can be vital for business networking and many different types of events. Some events may be free and open to everyone. If you are interested in attending, check out some events on the website of your coworking space. Also, keep an eye out for newsfeeds on social media or other websites that show when a particular event is happening, as chances are there will be more information posted there than just the standard public call-out notices.

Features to consider when looking for a good co-working space
Features to consider when looking for a good co-working space

VIP Access to Events and Discounts on Partner Organizations

The best event spaces will often be reserved exclusively for members. These events may also give you access to discounts unavailable to non-members. The discounts usually apply only when you are hosting a business event or getting together with colleagues, as they want your money just like anyone else does. However, if you are a member, they will probably throw in some perks and discounts to sweeten the deal.

Good, Stable, and Reliable Internet Access

Some of the most critical business activities take place in the virtual world. However, it is also just as important to have an internet connection that is reliable and fast. If your business depends on your ability to communicate with clients or suppliers or between regular team meetings, you need a strong internet connection. That is why people think it is very critical that any coworking space offer consistent speeds and a reliable connection so you can be productive all day long.

The ultimate goal of any coworking space is to provide an environment where people can feel a sense of community, work with like-minded individuals and be part of an entrepreneurial ecosystem. The best coworking spaces not just provide excellent networking opportunities and a chance to try new things. They also offer amenities that make being there worth the monthly price tag.

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