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Making the right choice of the perfect hanger can assist people in staying organized, keeping clothes safe, and also making their closets look beautiful. Every kind of hanger is distinctive and has been designed to fulfill certain purposes. With many different styles of hangers that are available, selecting the best one can be difficult. This guide is designed to assist people in deciding what hangers for clothes will be the most suitable for their requirements.


Selecting the right size hanger for your kind of garment requires consideration of several different aspects that are related to the dimensions and kind of clothing

  • Thickness – Standard baby hangers are usually half ” thick and are suitable for most clothing. For heavier types of clothing such as coats, jackets, and robes choose one” heavy hanger.
  • The width of the hanger is depending on the size of the garment. Make sure you don’t hang a garment that is too big for the clothing and extends the shoulders. Also, avoid using a hanger that is too small, and the shoulders drop. Make sure to keep the original form of the garment. The following guidelines can be followed:
  • Children’s hangers – for children aged 0-3 years old, use a 10″ hanger, 3 to 8 years old use a 12″ hanger, and from 9 until early teenagers can use a 14″ hanger.
  • Young men, petite women, and women as well as bigger children are able to use the 15.5″ contour or 16.5″ flat hanger
  • For both genders, make use of a 16.5″ flat or 17″ concave hanger
  • Suits for males and large sizes make use of an 18.5″ hanging rod that is curved.


The shape of a hanger should be taken into consideration prior to purchasing and two options are flat hangers and contoured hangers. Flat hangers are ideal to save space since they are able to be tucked in snugly. Curved or contoured hangers are ideal to hang coats, suits, and dresses. The shape is akin to the curvature of shoulders, allowing these more fragile items to maintain their shape.


Hangers are typically made with an exact purpose in your mind. Hangers for pants and top or shirt hangers, cascading hangers suits hangers with pant bars and skirt hangers all come in different styles that are best with the items they are intended to hang on clothing. Hangers with padding are ideal for lingerie or other light clothes. They are covered with satin to prevent snags. Additionally, certain hangers have buttons on the edges to keep straps from falling off. Utilizing hangers specifically for their function will protect clothing from shrinking, sliding, and causing the damage they cause.


Hangers should meet the display and space requirements of the clothing rack. Metal hangers last longer than wire hangers, and they save equally much space. Flat hangers designed to reduce space are useful in tight closets. If you are looking to hang or store coats and suits, wood hangers with a contour are a better option. Take into consideration the dimensions of the space these hangers are going to be placed in prior to deciding.


The style of your hanger is an individual choice. Boutiques and department stores should pick hangers that match the image of their business. Wood hangers are a great way to create a stunning look for your closet and are available in various designs. For a contemporary style, you can consider hanging them with chrome. For those looking for a low-cost option will find plastic hangers that meet their requirements. Cedar hangers are able to protect and refresh by absorbing odors and moisture and preserving the shape of clothes in the process. They can also be used as natural pest repellents.

Accessories and Features

Hangers for clothes often come with special features or accessories which help users utilize them in the most effective way they can. Pants bars, grips that are non-slip clips that are not stained, and finishes, notches, and velvet coatings are all able to provide value and flexibility to the style of the hanger. Some hangers feature clips that can be removed or added that cascade, hooks, and bars for pants that can be utilized only when required. Specially designed hangers make storage of scarves tie, ties, and even bikinis easy. Hangers that can be adjusted to fit specific garments hanging from cascading hangers. They save space, and the metal wonder hangers let individual clothes hangers be put on a single, collapsible bar.

If the hangers that are right for you use in appropriate circumstances, clothes are protected from tears, and wrinkles as well as stretching out and falling.


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