Food Choices and Dental Health – 6 Worst Foods to AvoidFood Choices and Dental Health – 6 Worst Foods to Avoid

Drink milk daily if you want to have healthy teeth and bones… Most of us grow up hearing this. 

Well, this exactly works like this. 

The kind of food you eat doesn’t only affect your digestive health or your bone health but its impacts go far beyond this.  

This certainly affects your dental health as well. 

One of my cousins damaged her teeth due to overconsumption of such foods. My aunt took her to many best dentists. Later she got a dental filling to solve the problem. So, yes, teeth damage due to food choices is quite possible and goes beyond cavities.

Food Choices and Dental Health – Why Does it Matter?

Eating certain foods can destroy your dental health. We often see parents warning about the foods that can cause tooth decay.

No matter what your age or dental health status, you need to be very careful with the food choices if you want to keep your teeth healthy. Certain foods can be quite damaging for your teeth and here is how.

  • Some foods can result in the formation of a sticky layer on your teeth known as plaque. This plaque can be the reason for tooth decay or gum diseases in future. 
  • Chewing harder foods can result in cracked teeth.
  • Some foods can result in teeth staining.

No, no, don’t get afraid! Because this is quite possible to prevent the damage due to these foods. 

Before we know how to minimize this damage, let us know about some of the worst food choices that can damage your teeth.

Worst Food Choices for Your Dental Health

1- Candies

Sugary candies are your comfort foods, right? 

This is the first one on the list of worst food choices for your teeth. Sugary candies are bad for all the reasons. These are sticky which means there is a higher chance that they will stick to your teeth. This sticky substance on your teeth promotes the growth of bacteria that increases your chances of tooth decay. Apart from becoming a reason for tooth plaque, these bacteria can release acids that will wear away the enamel.

2- Dried Fruits

I am sure you must have heard about the many benefits of almonds, walnuts and other dried fruits. 

Due to their exceptional health benefits, dried fruits are considered to be a great dietary choice. However, drying out these fruits not only alters their nutritional value but also changes their texture. Most of the dried fruits are sticky and concentrated with sugars. Just like the sugary candies, they can stick to your teeth and can be damaging to your teeth. 

3- Coffee and Tea

You need a cup of coffee in the morning to wake up, I got you!

Coffee and tea can give a perfect start to your day but consuming too much of these drinks can be harmful. Not only can too many of these drinks affect your digestive health but is also among the worst food choices for your dental health

One of the side effects of coffee and tea is that it results in staining of your teeth. Other than this, sweeteners added to these drinks can make it even worse for your teeth. 

4- Ice 

You love chewing ice, right?

This is one weird kind of obsession and many people love doing this. Though ice is just a frozen form of water it can be one of the worst food choices when it comes to having healthy and stronger teeth. Chewing ice regularly can result in wear and tear on the teeth. 

Other than this, chewing ice at the wrong angle can be one reason for cracked teeth. So, make sure you don’t make it a habit and if you still find yourself struggling with this, make sure to consult a doctor. 

5- Citrus Foods

Citrus fruits are a good source of vitamin C that is good for your immunity. However, consuming too much of these citrus foods can be damaging to your teeth. This is because too much of these fruits will leave citrus material on your teeth that will ultimately damage your teeth surfaces.

6- Chips

Processed chips can be one of the favorite snacking options for you! 

You will be upset to know that these chips can be a bad food choice if you want to keep your teeth healthy. Containing lots of salts and processed carbs (that are sugars actually), smaller particles of these foods can stick in between your teeth increasing your chances of teeth decay. 

How to Keep Your Teeth Healthy with These Foods?

As told earlier you can still keep your teeth healthy with these foods. Here are some of the best tips that can help you in this regard. 

  • Make sure to consume these foods in moderation
  • Rinse your mouth every time you eat these foods
  • Brush your teeth at least twice a day
  • Never forget daily flossing
  • Do visit your dentist from time to time.


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