Get A New Airtel Connection At A Discounted Price (2)Get A New Airtel Connection At A Discounted Price (2)

Looking for a reliable and affordable telecom provider? Airtel has you covered with its exciting offers and discounts for new connections. By leveraging Airtel reward and referrals through the Airtel Thanks app, users can enjoy discounted prices on a range of services, including Broadband, Postpaid, DTH, Airtel Black, Prepaid, and more. And, the best part is, the process of availing the offers and discounts is pretty simple and easy! Want to learn how? Keep reading!

Let’s delve into how you can avail of promo codes and discounts by inviting your friends to join Airtel services and why switching to Airtel can elevate your internet, television, and overall experiences.

Airtel Thanks App – Your Gateway to Discounts

The Airtel Thanks app is a one-stop solution for managing your Airtel account, and services, and availing exclusive rewards. The app is user-friendly and provides a seamless experience. It’s through this app that Airtel users can enjoy up to ₹300 coupons on referring their friends.

Along with this, the applications make the different transactions and payments extremely. You can pay different bills, purchase new SIM cards, manage your expenses, and a lot more with one simple click! Additionally, you can also claim several Airtel referral rewards and discounts using the Airtel Thanks App.

Airtel Referral: Invite and Earn

The Airtel referral programme is a fantastic opportunity to earn rewards while helping your friends get connected. For every successful referral, you stand to earn rewards. The process is simple. All you need to do is:

Open the Airtel Thanks app on your Android or iPhone devices.
Next, go to the ‘Refer and Earn’ section, and share the referral link with your friends.
Once your friend uses your referral link to get an Airtel connection, both of you enjoy rewards up to ₹300.

An Airtel user can refer any number of users and enjoy the benefits of different discounts and offers every day with Airtel. So, download the Airtel Thanks App, refer your friend, and get a new Airtel connection at discounted prices.

Airtel Referral Offers For Different Services

Airtel users can enjoy referral discounts and offers on every Airtel Service. This way, no matter what services your friends are interested in, you will always get amazing benefits by simply referring them. Here is a list of earning what you and your friends can avail with different Airtel services.

Services to refer What you get What your friends get

Services to refer

What you get What your friends get
Broadband ₹300 ₹300
Postpaid ₹300 ₹300
DTH ₹300 ₹300
Airtel Black ₹300 ₹300
Prepaid ₹100 ₹100

Note: Ensure to read all the terms and conditions before sharing the reference discount link with your friends. Additionally, if they fail to meet the set criteria, you may not be able to redeem the code or earn discounts or offers from the coupon.

Getting a new Airtel connection at a discounted price is easy with Airtel rewards and referrals. By inviting your friends to join Airtel services via the Airtel Thanks app, you can unlock promo codes and discounts for Broadband, Postpaid, DTH, Airtel Black, Prepaid, and more. Switching to Airtel not only saves you money but also enhances your internet use, television watching, and overall experiences. Embrace the Airtel advantage today and enjoy seamless connectivity and entertainment

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