Great Gifts

It’s essential to have a few ideas of what to get friends and family for great holiday gifts, but it’s even more important to have ideas in mind of what gifts to give at any time of the year. Here’s a few ideas that have been trending and have become some of the most sought-after gifts that are out there.


Whiskey has traditionally been seen as a man’s drink, but the nature of whiskey has been changing and there’s a lot more mellow, citrus, and honey tones out there to suit all tastes. It’s has become a gift of note and one that can be kept and treasured or opened and enjoyed. Americans of all genders also love their Tennessee whiskey, so look for bourbon to ship as a gift if you want to make a good impression on this front. It’s a great gift to give at any time, birthday, holiday season or anniversary, and even if the person doesn’t drink it themselves, whiskey or bourbon is a must-have addition to any drinks cabinet or bar and the basis of so many cocktails that it’ll always be appreciated.

An experience

More people have begun to realize that an experience is the best type of gift to get and thus to give. Rather than filling up someone’s home with items that they may never use, being given an experience that they can then enjoy with others and remember for a lifetime has become the top trending gift right now. However, it needs to be an experience that the recipient will actually enjoy, so a trip to the highest rollercoaster in the state isn’t a great idea for someone who’s afraid of heights.

Your time

Gifting someone with your time has to be well thought through. You need to know the person well enough to know that they’ll appreciate your time. Then either plan to spend some time with them at home or take them away or out for the day. Alternatively, doing something for them that you’re good at is a great way to share and give of yourself. It’s the new way to show love and romance and very often sharing your time has been said to work better than flowers at making someone happy.

A subscription

Purchasing a gift subscription for someone for something they like, such as a music streaming service, coffee, cheese or a movie channel have proven a great idea for many and often serve a useful purpose for the recipient. Paying for the subscription in advance and then allowing some form of choice for the recipient has made this one of the trendiest gifts out there. A monthly cheese box that they can pre-order and choose their favorite cheeses or seasonal house plants seem to be the top choices, but anything can work, depending on what the recipient likes or needs.

As with most gifts, the idea will be to have thought it through as much as possible as it’s this that makes the gift worthwhile and much appreciated.