Two early highlights in one’s life are the acquisition of a driver’s license and one’s very first automobile. The freedom, thrill, and wide-open highway are very worth the wait. Even after many years, having the freedom to get in your car and cruise down the road is still a remarkable privilege. Therefore, it might be a severe setback if the state in which you reside decides to suspend your car registration.


However, just because your registration has been revoked does not indicate the end of the world. When you experience having a suspended license plate, you still have options, and we are going to walk you through those options and explain to you what steps you need to do next. But before that, what happens when your registration gets suspended?


Registration Has Been Suspended


A license plate is a requirement for lawfully operating a vehicle. To receive a license plate in your state, you must first register your vehicle with the Department of Motor Vehicles. Then you must pay a charge and obtain a yearly smog check to keep the registration active. If you have a registration that is still active for your vehicle, you are permitted to drive or park it on public roads and highways.


If the state cancels your registration, you lose the ability to drive and park your automobile on public roadways. To park your automobile in front of your house, you’ll need to get a new license plate made and have your registration updated.


What may be done to get around a suspended registration?


If your registration has been suspended, you will need to contact the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to find out the cause for the suspension and what steps need to be taken to reinstate it. After then, you are responsible for resolving the situation and making any necessary payments that may be required.


There will be an additional price to get your registration back up and running if an officer revoked it for nonpayment of the charge, for example. If you have unpaid parking fines, you need to clear them up before you can pay the price to have your license reinstated. If you have a judgment that has not been met, you will have to pay off the debt before you may apply to have your registration reinstated.


My registration might be revoked for what reasons?


The state may revoke your registration if you fail to pay your vehicle’s yearly registration payments. Driving the automobile is prohibited when the registration expires after the period, and you will be fined. In the same way, if your state’s yearly registration requirements include passing a smog check, your registration may be suspended if you fail the test.


Every state has rules concerning when a suspended registration is imposed on a driver. In addition, one of the most prevalent reasons for a driver’s license suspension is operating a vehicle without appropriate insurance coverage or a current and legal driver’s license. Your vehicle registration in Georgia will be canceled if you cannot pay the lapse fee, and your insurance policy is allowed to lapse.


To renew your vehicle’s registration in certain jurisdictions like New York and California, you must first pay all outstanding parking and traffic citations and bridge and highway tolls. If you have a judgment against you for a car accident for more than $1,000 and have not paid it, you will be unable to renew your registration in New York.


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