Everyone who runs a YouTube channel would like to get more views. Today we will look at the most common ways to get more views on your YouTube channel. Let’s start!

Find your niche

YouTube makes money from ads. Therefore, this platform is interested in attracting more users who will see this ad. That’s why YouTube recommends related videos by displaying them in the sidebar. For example, if you are watching a video on how to cook a ribeye steak, then most of the recommendations will be steak recipes and options for creating this dish from other cuts of beef. This is important because one of the easiest ways to get more views is to get viewers to watch more than one of your videos. So, you want your videos to fall into this block. Retention is key.

How to find your niche

While there is no surefire way to stake a spot, you can increase your chances by posting related videos on your channel. That is why it initially makes sense to occupy your own specific niche.

Niche keywords are the secret. If you have a cooking channel, this isn’t specific enough. Making multiple videos on grilling, however, might be enough to have your own videos appear as related content. This will increase the chances that other videos from your channel will be included in the sidebar recommendations, leading to an increase in the number of views.

Boost conversion rates with intriguing headlines

Even if your video ranks #1, you won’t get any views if no one clicks on it. That’s why you need an intriguing headline to grab users’ attention. This doesn’t mean you should make clickbait headlines like “This secret trick got us 15 million views in 1 hour.” Yes, it can attract clicks, but if the title is misleading, it will ultimately reduce the credibility of your channel.

So how do you create good YouTube titles? Here are some tips:

  • Include your primary key phrase in your headings.
  • Keep them short.
  • Focus on the benefit to the viewer. Explain why the user needs to watch your video.

Use YouTube dubbing

YouTube dubbing is one of the best-proven ways to increase your views. Dubbing your YouTube content in multiple languages will allow global audiences to understand your content and increase your audience size. If you make YouTube content in just one language, only those who speak that language can watch your videos. No new content needs to be created, just a new version of your previous video.

Today, many people around the world know at least some level of English. So, using this language for YouTube dubbing makes sense if you usually use a different language. Similarly, Spanish is an excellent choice if you create content in English. The more languages, the more potential viewers. Also, if you’re thinking about subtitles, remember that dubbing allows for more immersion and a relaxed viewing over subtitles.

Make eye-catching thumbnails

It’s not just headlines that affect conversion rates. It would help if you also created thumbnails (the image accompanying the video) that complements the headline and draws visitors’ attention.

Here are some tips on how to make users want to click on the image:

  • Do not select still frames from your video.
  • Use images that meet the viewer’s expectations.
  • Use contrast to your advantage.
  • Place informative text on the cover.

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