Your Loved Ones

Placing your loved ones in a memory care facility can be daunting. Although you want to help your relative by yourself, over time, this becomes full-time work as their memory degrades. At some point, it’s better to choose trained staff to provide 24/7 support.

Before the time comes to settle your loved one in their new home, you want to make sure you have chosen the best facility there is to take care of them. Let’s look at some things you need to consider to make an informed decision.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Memory care facilities that provide cutting-edge technology and therapies usually have better results by improving their patient’s quality of life. For example, some facilities use robotic pets as opposed to living animals, as the latter are harder to take care of for people with disabilities. Frequent visits from pets can help boost the mood of memory care patients.


The memory care facility should be secured from the inside out. For example, it should have locked doors on all entrances so that no patient can wander alone at night and possibly get lost. In addition, a cutting-edge facility should have electronic doors that require a code to open.

It’s salient that memory care patients should have a very secure wing for their safety. If they tend to wander and end up in other parts, these rooms could be potentially dangerous for them or disturb other patients and create chaos.

Use of Music

Music works wonders for the soul, so it’s an excellent therapy for memory care patients. Studies show that people with dementia respond very well to music therapy. It also helps them remember parts of their lives if periodical music is played. So, as you want what’s best for your loved one, look for a care facility that uses music as therapy.

For example, this memory care facility St. Louis provides music therapy for their patients. This way, your relative can perform memory exercises like remembering things or, if that’s not possible, learning new songs improves their quality of life. In addition, music therapy promotes a longer life.

Level of Supervision

Depending on your loved one’s medical condition, they might need more or less supervision. For example, people with dementia or Alzheimer’s usually require constant supervision. Look for a memory care facility with enough staff to care for your family.

Not all facilities have enough staff for each patient. That’s why it’s vital to assess their level of support when you are talking to them and whether they can offer 24/7 supervision or not.

Trained Staff

Unfortunately, not all memory care facilities have trained personnel. Most CNAs and nurses are trained to care for a patient’s physical needs and are unaware of their mental needs. For example, untrained staff will not know how to help a dementia patient in times of great confusion or an angry episode.

Memory care facilities are essential for the well-being and peace of mind of your loved one. It is why it’s imperative to do your due diligence before choosing your loved one’s next home.