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Most of the students are very excited as new sessions of the schools have started, now they have to study and fill their minds with the study material they will read in their course book. Students have to study a lot of materials in one day, if we take a tour about what they study alone in one day then we will come to know that tutors have to teach only the subjects they are good in and they decide what they have to teach but students have to study those subjects also which they don’t like and that too for 5-6 hours. This makes their schedule very hectic and lengthy. According to school LMS which is also known as school learning management system students usually are not able to bear so much stress on their mind and due to this much of stress in their academic life their concentration gets broken and they become unable to focus on their lessons and topics they have to read and learn in their textbook. To concentrate is not an easy process. Sometimes it becomes very hard for the students to concentrate while learning. All the internal and external factors have their impact while a student tries to concentrate on learning. So, let’s understand the process of how a student can be helped in order to concentrate.

In the most ancient way when students had no such facilities as we have today, students used to use meditation as the best medium in order to concentrate and enhance the capacity to concentrate. Yoga and meditation are those mediums to increase concentration which are popular, tested and trustworthy in the whole world and not only students but also adults use this method in order to get command of concentration. All a student needs is a quiet room, and if he or she is meditating outdoors then he or she should choose a quiet place like a bank or in the woods. As per school LMS or we can school learning management system along with this student should be kept away from those mediums which create distractions and create problem in concentration like all the electronic devices such as speaker, music system with loud voice, TV and laptops and desktops along with android mobile phones- all these electronic devices should be switched off during the study time so that the students can concentrate completely without being distracted. Students should be provided with a study space where they can get the proper amount of natural light and can sit comfortably in a chair table and no other loud noises should be there which can disturb their studies.

Students should fix a routine of their whole day and it should not only include learning and studying but also the other tasks in the whole but everything should happen according to routine. Here routine means learning, eating, sleeping, playing games, walking, taking dinner and getting to bed in night everything should be fixed and followed under a routine due to which students can be stress free and can continue for their studies without being bothered due to any disturbance in their daily routine. Also, students need to set a goal for their academic life because due to a fixed goal students get an inspiration to follow that goal, they work for that goal being very concentrated. Setting goal is also necessary for the students who want to acquire the concentration because in student life kids have no experience and due to this, they are compelled to follow the teaching in the books or teaching taught by the tutor and following so much as teachings become easier for the students when they have a motive to invest their energy and that is why it is necessary for them to set a goal. Now after this we need to understand that concentration is made with relaxed mind and relax mind resides in a relaxed and healthy body so students need to take breaks from their hectic academic life style. It is so because being bookworm brings stress beyond the limits to the mind and in stress students can never be able to concentrate so taking breaks during long and hectic learning hours, is very necessary.

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