Valuables safe

So you moved into a new neighborhood and finally bought your own house. Congratulations to you!

The burning question is – what have you done for your home security? As a newbie homeowner, you are responsible for the security of your house, valuables, and your loved ones.

Homeownership is all about embracing responsibilities and ensuring one’s safety. Here are some essential tips that can help you stay safe – and keep your valuables safe when you aren’t at home.

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Invest in a Security System

You should stay up-to-date about your house at all times. And this is only possible with a reliable security system, which will allow you to constantly monitor your house. When it comes to a good home security system, you will want to ensure that the cameras are installed at a perfect spot from where you can catch all angles of the house.

Also, the cameras should be of good quality – this way, it will be easier to catch the identity of potential burglars and trace them as well.

Hire Guards

If your house has dozens of bedrooms and you feel that you might miss some spots with security cameras, then you might want to consider hiring security guards.

The thing about security is that you should always have a contingency plan ready to deal with burglaries and theft. That said, if your state allows you to keep firearms, then you might want to keep one at a spot from where you can retrieve it instantly.

However, when you have a family and little kids at home, then you might want to opt for safer ways to keep your house and your loved ones safe.

A simple method of keeping your house safe from burglaries is by keeping dogs. Usually, burglars are afraid of dogs as they lie to break into homes that are not occupied.

Don’t Display Valuables

You will want to ensure that your valuables are hidden from prying eyes. Now, while it is a good idea to keep jewelry, cash, and important documents inside a safe – you must also pay attention to the outdoor space.

Many newbie homeowners make the mistake of keeping their things outside the house. For instance, they might forget to park their cars, motorcycles, scooters, and garden tools safely locked inside the garage.

Also, they forget to lock the garage door – speaking of doors; you will have to change all locks at the time of moving into your new house. By changing all locks, you ensure that no one can use the old house keys to get into your house.

So, locking your garage and changing all locks is absolutely crucial.

Keep Your Lawn Clean

You will want to think from the perspective of a potential thief – they will take an unkempt lawn as a sign that no one is at home and that the coast is clear to break into your house. So, by keeping your lawn in the best order – you will give the impression that someone is at home at all times and that they shouldn’t even think of breaking into your house.