How to locate a divorce lawyerHow to Locate a Divorce Lawyer

As messy as divorce can be for some people, if your marriage is not working out, it is ultimately the only way to move on. But even when the split is amicable, the process is complicated and legal support in the form of divorce lawyers Perth is a recommended option. A legal professional can help resolve issues such as child support, custody in the form of parenting orders, settlements, alimony and so on.

What Is a Divorce Lawyer?

When it comes to divorce arbitration, settlements and litigation you need a lawyer who is trained and specialises in family law. This is not the time to talk to the lawyer that helped you with your taxes, or your cousin’s best friend who handled their drink driving offence. For experienced and relevant legal counsel during a divorce, a family lawyer is required – you’ll receive far better and more relevant advice to help you.

Finding Options

There are a few ways to find lawyers. You can get recommendations from people you know who have been through a divorce and have the contact details of a lawyer they can provide to you. You might go old school and look at listings and advertisements in the local business phone book. Or you can go online and search your local area for family lawyers, then explore their websites to create a shortlist. You could also contact the local bar association who can provide a list of local accredited lawyers.

Check Credentials and Experience

When you meet any divorce lawyers Perth, you should ask for references so you can contact previous clients and ask about their experience. You can check a potential lawyer’s credentials to ensure they possess the family law skills you need, and you can also verify their success rate. It is a bonus to have a lawyer who is also a member of the local lawyer association.

How Many Clients Are They Juggling?

Lawyers do not take on clients one at a time. They often have more than one, even several and it is important to know that they are not overloading themselves and have enough time to take care of your matters.

Make Sure You Understand Their Fees

When you are looking for help with divorce arbitration and such, you are paying for your lawyer’s knowledge, experience and expertise, not just their time. Ask your lawyer about their fee structure. Do they offer a free consultation? Do they charge a case filing fee?

Most lawyers charge one of two ways, a flat fee or on an hourly basis. Always make

sure you have a written contract and that you understand the services you are procuring.


When you are looking for a great divorce lawyer, it is important to find someone you can be open with and someone you trust. Talking about your ex-partner and your marriage situation is going to be hard. A marriage breakdown is messy in so many different ways, so choose someone you are comfortable talking to and someone who you do not feel judged by.

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