Does the feeling of it’s the end of the month and you’re broke scare you? Perhaps because you are going through a rough patch. But worry not, firstly because you are not alone. Secondly, just a $50 loan instant app can save you from drowning in the depths of debt. 


Figuring out how to pay every month’s installments is challenging, especially when making peanuts. But what if we say a $50 loan instant app is all you need to pay your monthly installments? Fortunately, several loan payment apps are available that not just lend you money but provide ways to manage your wealth. 


Get going to find out what those apps are and how to use them to pay the debt. 


Top 5 – $50 loan instant app:


Here are the top 5 $50 loan instant apps that you can use to get a loan up to $500 immediately. Learn what those apps are and how to use them to withdraw instant cash. 

  • Albert:
  • Amount: lend up to $250
  • Fee: $0 
  • Interest rate: 0%
  • Waiting period: Immediate or 2-3 days 
  • Credit check: No

Albert is an instant loan app that will have your back until your next paycheck. Without any credit check, the app allows you to lend as much as $250 till your next paycheck comes. The best part is that within 2 to 3 days, the cash gets transferred to your account free of charge. Those who need it urgently can apply for immediate transfer for a small fee. 


Albert runs promotional offers every now and then. Signup with them to get updates about its latest promotional offers. 

  • Chime:
  • Amount: minimum $20 to max $200
  • Fee: $0 
  • Interest rate: 0%
  • Waiting period: Immediate
  • Credit check: No

Chime is basically a banking app that you can use to draw instant loans as well. To use it, you need first make a spending account through its app with no minimum balance. Once you have made the account, you become eligible to apply for an instant loan. However, you need to have at least one direct deposit of a minimum of $200 to receive the loan.

The app doesn’t perform any credit check though it might use other avenues to verify your given data.

  • Brigit:
  • Amount: maximum $250
  • Fee: $9.99/month flat fee
  • Interest rate: 0%
  • Waiting period: Same day if requested before 10 a.m
  • Credit check: No

 Brigit is another outstanding loan app that immediately lends you cash up to $250 if you make a request before 10:00 am. That said, it checks your banking activity to approve the loan.

The app uses an advanced algorithm that immediately signals and makes an automatic deposit if it senses the risk of you going on a negative balance. This advanced feature can save you from being hit with overdraft charges. Moreover, if you think your next paycheck will be late, you can request more time to pay back. Check their official websites for promotional offers and other details.

  • Dave:
  • Amount: Up to $250
  • Fee: $0 for standard delivery, $4.99 for express delivery
  • Interest rate: 0%
  • Waiting period: Up to three days for standard delivery, within eight hours for express delivery
  • Credit check: No

Dave is another best banking and budgeting app to get an instant loan up to $250. The app doesn’t cost you a buck for standard delivery, though you will be required to pay $4.99 for express delivery. It charges 0 interest rate and takes 3 days to get delivered in the standard shipping.

In the Dave app, your loan approval depends on the following factors: your average balance, account history and previous advances payoff history. A direct deposit must be made to your Dave account to pay back the loan. Then your borrowed amount will directly be paid back through it. 

Note: Dave charges a $1 membership fee per month, and in return, the members will get a free debit card and in-network ATM usage. 

  1. PayDaySay

    Amount: $100 up to $1000
    Fee: lender fees may apply
    Interest rate: Depends on lender to lender
    Waiting period: 24-48 hours
    Credit check: Yes

PayDaySay is an app that connects borrowers to lenders. It is the highest loan borrowing app via which lenders can get as much as a $1000 instant loan immediately.

Since it is not a banking app, your lender can automatically take back the lent funds if the lender fails to pay back the loan on time. There’s another downside to this app. It comes with high fees and interest rates.


Using a $50 loan instant app is indeed a great way to borrow cash immediately, though it should be your last resort. It is advised to use budgeting apps like Goodbudget, Everydollar etc. to manage your finances so that you don’t need to borrow money by the end of the month.  


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