Pakistan’s real estate market has experienced significant expansion in recent years, with new residential and commercial buildings being unveiled on a regular basis. If we just concentrate on the twin cities, numerous renowned real estate developers have introduced massive housing projects around these cities. The fact that locals are more likely to invest in land to ensure their future in this economically uncertain nation is one of the main causes of this trend.


One of the recently unveiled elaborate housing projects in the twin cities is New City Paradise. It was created by New City Housing Developers and has the desirable Burhan Interchange location. Due to its lucrative financial potential, the idea quickly became the talk of the town after it was introduced. Investors have expressed a strong desire to put money into this complex in the hopes of making large gains.


Investment Motivations for New City Paradise 

This essay just addresses the question, “Why should you invest in New City Paradise?” Read well!

High Potential for Investment

The project’s enormous potential to generate significant financial gains is the first reason you should invest in New City Paradise. Investors prefer the pre-launch plot costs since they are reasonable and within their means. Investors who bought plots in NCP during its pre-launch period would be fortunate to make large returns as land prices are predicted to rise soon. Therefore, it is accurate to state that investing in New City Paradise is the finest approach to significantly increase the value of your money.

Low Rates and an Open Payment Schedule

Investors typically check the property rates to make sure they are affordable before investing in any land project. Additionally, they choose real estate developments with straightforward payment schedules to avoid any financial hassles. Due to its affordable rates and flexible payment terms, New City Paradise has become the center of attention in the real estate industry.

The housing society has some of the most affordable prices on both residential and commercial real estate. In comparison to other surrounding housing developments that provide the same amenities as NCP, the rates are reasonable. Plot owners who are unable to pay for their purchases in full may use the convenient payment plans that include monthly and semi-annual payments.

Here is a brief overview of the New City Paradise payment schedule:

  • Plan for Payment in New City Paradise
  • Paradise in New City 5 Marla
  • The full cost is Rs. 1,975,000.
  • The reservation fee is Rs. 230,000.
  • Rs. 230,000 is the confirmation amount.
  • Rs. 21,500 is the cost each instalment for 36 months.
  • Each of the four balloon payments will cost Rs. 75,250.
  • The cost of the ballot is Rs. 220,000.
  • The allocation cost is Rs. 220,000.
  • Paradise 10 Marla New City
  • 3,700,000 rupees is the entire cost.
  • There is a booking fee of Rs. 443,750.
  • Rs. 443,750 has been paid as confirmation.
  • Rs. 41,000 each instalment over 36 months.
  • Each of the four balloon payments will be for Rs. 134,125.
  • The voting fee is Rs. 400,000.
  • The allocation cost is Rs. 400,000.
  • Paradise in New City, 1 Kanal
  • The full cost is Rs. 7,000,000.
  • The reservation fee is Rs. 843,750.
  • 843,750 rupees are required for confirmation.
  • Rs. 78,125 is the cost per instalment for 36 months.
  • Each of the four half-yearly balloon payments is Rs. 350,000.
  • The voting fee is Rs. 550,000.
  • The allocation cost is Rs. 550,000.

Legal Position

Approved, lawful housing projects attract investors. PHATA has approved New City Paradise’s No Objection Certificate (NOC), confirming its legal status. The proprietors of this home project consider the approval to be their greatest success.

The Rawalpindi Development Authority’s approval of the NOC is still a goal for the administration, nevertheless (RDA). It has submitted all the necessary paperwork and satisfies all the requirements to receive the development authority’s stamp of approval

New City Paradise NOC Ideal Place

Any real estate project’s success depends on a number of key criteria, including location. In comparison to projects with a detached location, home developments that offer an ideal location draw greater investment. By “excellent location,” we mean that the housing complex is close to all the amenities, including commercial districts, business centres, health and educational facilities, and so forth.

As a result of its excellent accessibility, New City Paradise is a successful housing development. It may be found around the renowned Burhan Interchange on the Main Grand Trunk (G.T) Road. The Islamabad Motorway is nearby (M-1). The housing complex is right in the middle of the CPEC route, which offers the residents a wealth of economic opportunities. This is another fantastic advantage of the location. The home complex is surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery in KP and the North of Pakistan.

Expert Developers in a New City Paradise

Every real estate project originates with its developers. In Pakistan, there are many different development firms, but only a select few are skilled in producing top-notch land developments. Among the well-known builders who have produced national real estate treasures is New City Housing Developers, the company behind New City Paradise.

The chairman and CEO of the business are Chaudhry Qamar and Chaudhry Saad Zaman, respectively. For offering top-notch real estate services, New City Housing Developers are renowned around the nation. Previous successful projects they have completed include:

Business Square at Avalon Plaza

One of their high-end projects is New City Paradise. Expert designers, architects, engineers, and town planners make up their team. New City Paradise will be transformed into a tranquil refuge for people who seek it by the developers’ team.

Premium Features

New City Paradise is a must-invest in opportunity for another reason: it is a complex of upscale features that are unmatched anywhere else. The house plan has every amenity that one would expect to see in a luxury community. With all the modern conveniences nearby, you can live a modern lifestyle. You have the opportunity to take advantage of the following noteworthy benefits by joining this residential society:

  • Serenity 
  • Dancing Botanical Garden of Fountain
  • An ideal strategic location, Glow Park is pollution-free.
  • Affordability
  • Gated Community on Wide Main Boulevard
  • Contemporary Security System
  • Most recent infrastructure
  • High-class food court with a secure boundary wall
  • A Huge Streets’ Network
  • Hidden Electric Supply
  • System for Sewage and Drainage
  • Well-paved roads with trees in them
  • Simple Installment Plan


The most lucrative investment opportunity at hand that has the potential to produce enormous riches is New City Paradise. It strikes the perfect balance between comfort, affordability, and luxury. Skilled developers developed the project in a fantastic location.


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