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Huawei smart watches are designed for the young active generation. The watch tracks health and fitness. The majority of us stuck at home during Ramadan do not consider fitness a priority. Huawei’s newest Ramadan wearable activity intends to change that. The Huawei Watch GT 2e is the sportier version of the popular Watch GT 2. It features 100 workout modes, a two-week battery life, and advanced health tracking that keeps you active throughout the day.

Huawei wearable sporty design with long-lasting battery life

The Huawei Watch GT 2e boasts an impressive two-week battery life thanks to its Kirin A1 chip, which is designed specifically for wearables. Wearables will also be able to continuously track fitness activity of active people without having to worry about recharging them constantly.

With regard to the design of the previous Watch GT, which was sleek and classic, the updated Watch GT 2e looks more modern and sporty. In addition to giving the wristwatch a more streamlined appearance, the integrated strap makes the watch more comfortable to wear, allowing it to measure information more accurately.

The watch features a high-resolution 1.39-inch AMOLED Touch Display with Retina-quality resolution. Fitness data can easily be accessed even in direct sunlight thanks to the vibrant colors.

The stainless steel watch body features two redesigned function buttons on the right side which are square and flatter for convenience and also prevent mis-touches during sporting activities. In addition to the Graphic Black strap, you can choose from the edgy Lava Red strap with perforations across the strap, or the cool Minty Green strap.

Hundreds of workout modes at your fingertips with Huawei

Workouts are made easier with the Huawei Watch GT 2e. With 85 more custom modes across 6 categories, the Watch GT 2e can track not only 15 professional workout modes, but also more adventurous and non-conventional forms of exercise.

Not only does the watch offer professional workout modes, but it also includes specific gym activities such as free training, rowing and elliptical machines.

Watch GT 2e can keep up with trendier fitness activities. It offers 85 custom modes covering 6 categories, from street dance to parkour, to yoga to rock climbing, and ballet to boxing.

Upon getting moving, the watch will automatically detect 6 different exercises and begin tracking activity. At the end, the watch will store a detailed analysis of each exercise. By utilizing this feature, you avoid having to manually set up common workout settings and are able to get started right away.

The Watch GT 2e assists you in monitoring your progress and making the most of each workout session by tracking key data points. Watches can keep track of duration, calories burned, heart rate intervals, recovery times, and more. An infographic generated at the end of each workout makes it easier for you to understand this key data and can be shared on social media with just a few taps.

Water-resistance of 5ATM means you can swim or take a quick shower with the Huawei Watch GT 2e. In addition to accurate GPS location, it allows you to track and map your workouts with greater precision and share that data easily on social media.


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