Leased Lines For Businesses

A leased line is a good choice for businesses with high bandwidth requirements. A leased line provider will provide you with a dedicated line and dedicate a certain amount of bandwidth to your business. BT’s fibre-based leased lines offer up to 10Gbps of bandwidth. Virgin and CityFibre also offer dedicated leased line solutions.

Virgin Media’s dedicated leased line solution

Virgin Media’s dedicated leased line solution is a great choice for any organisation needing high-speed connectivity. The leased line is delivered through Virgin Media’s own wholesale network and is comparable to BT Leased Line and CityFibre Ethernet. It offers up to 30Mbps download speeds and multi-gigabit upload speeds. Its dedicated leased line pricing is also competitive with other UK providers.

Virgin Media’s dedicated leased line solution comes with many advantages, including a six-hour response time and cloud-ready internet access. The company also offers a dedicated support team that works in the UK. Its customers can also take advantage of Virgin Media’s 10 percent discount on cloud apps.

Business users often require faster speeds and guaranteed fault resolution. Virgin Media Leased Line is the best solution for businesses that require higher speeds and faster fix times. It is also part of the government’s gigabit voucher scheme, saving PS2500 on installation. However, to get the most out of your dedicated leased line service, you should compare providers and prices to ensure that you’re getting the best deal.

Virgin Media’s leased line solution is an excellent option for growing businesses. It offers high-speed, symmetrical speeds and a range of bespoke services. Its DIA 300 is an ideal choice for businesses that need to expand and need more bandwidth. Virgin Media’s DIA 300 is designed specifically for businesses with up to 100 employees. It also offers business-grade SLAs.

CityFibre’s dedicated leased line solution

A dedicated leased line from CityFibre offers a secure, highly reliable internet connection. These services are offered with fixed bandwidth and symmetrical download and upload speeds, and at very competitive rates. Whether you’re looking to improve your business’s productivity or to simply provide a high-quality network for your customers, CityFibre’s leased line service is perfect for you.

Dedicated leased lines from CityFibre offer symmetrical gigabit download and upload speeds, and are suitable for transferring large files. These connections are fully managed and backed by a 100% Service Level Agreement. They also offer fast installation times and the usual leased line features.

Dedicated leased lines provide high speed, uncontended connections from one to multiple locations. These connections allow businesses to access critical applications from multiple sites, such as video conferencing or voice over IP. Furthermore, they offer comprehensive support, including 24/7 NOC monitoring and UK-based tech support.

A dedicated leased line solution is a great way to avoid slow connections, especially during peak times. A dedicated leased line also delivers a similar speed for both downloads and uploads, which is essential for businesses that upload large files to the cloud. Dedicated leased lines are also ideal for future-proofing any business.

There are many providers for dedicated leased line solutions in the UK. BT Openreach and Virgin Media are two of the largest UK providers. These companies both work with businesses of all sizes, and aim to provide a high-quality connectivity solution. Virgin Media offers four different UK leased line solutions, each with different speed and pricing.