Lovoy Makes His Fans More Fanatic by Releasing His Next Fascinating Poetry BookLovoy Makes His Fans More Fanatic by Releasing His Next Fascinating Poetry Book

When poetry talks about life’s struggle, it glows differently.

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Contact: Lovoy Ruben Mejia

Rapper/ Musician

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The US, 30/01/2023: We have heard that anyone could be a good writer and musician, but we never heard that a prince of Guava could be the inspiration as a published author, poet, musician, and rapper by making the art world go mad over him.

The Prince of Guava valley Belize, Lovoy Ruben Mejia, will be hosting a launch event in Los Angeles in honor of releasing his next poetry collection book, “Royal Born.” The book is a collection of poems and musings that explores lovoy’s journey as a rapper and artist. In addition, this book will unveil the story of lovoy’s reflections on life, love, and his struggles growing up in the city of Los Angeles.

“This book reflects my own story and the struggles I have encountered throughout my life.”
– Lovoy Ruben Mejia

The book launch event will take place at Barnes and Noble Calabasas on March 10th, 2023, from 11 am – 1 pm. Lovoy will also read excerpts from the book at the event and perform a unique acoustic set of songs. A Q&A session is arranged so that all of the questions from the audience about lovoy’s writing process and experiences can be answered exclusively by lovoy.

In addition to the book launch, a pop-up shop will also feature merchandise and exclusive signed copies of his already-released book “Royal Bukut,” available for purchase. This book launch event will be an unforgettable night for all the people joining lovoy in his happiness and success. Tickets are on sale now, so don’t miss this opportunity to avail the chance to meet the emerging rapper and singer.

If anyone wants to contact Lovoy Ruben Mejia so contact him at [email protected]

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