Low range drink drivingLow Range Drink Driving

For the last few years in Australia the police have had the power to issue a penalty and fine for low range drink driving of $587 and a 3-month suspension on the license, effective immediately. When you are facing drink driving charges you should look for the best lawyers for drink driving offences to help you through the process. With the support of your lawyer you can appeal the penalty, the fine and the suspension on either the fact that you are not guilty of low range drink driving or you are guilty but you want the court to grant a section 10 dismissal or a conditional release order so you are not convicted and you do not have to pay the fine or have your license suspended. If you successfully plead not guilty then the case is dismissed and you have no penalties and no record against your name. If you please guilty it is important to have a case prepared by a professional to maximise your chances for the best scenario results.

Understanding what is meant by low range drink driving

The offence of low range drink driving over the limit when you drive a motor vehicle with a blood concentration between 0.050 and 0.079 when they test you. When you end up in court make sure you bring a drink driving offence lawyer. If you are charged and found guilty they can disqualify you from being able to drive. If the court deals with you under a conditional release order or under section 10 then there is no conviction, no fine or disqualification from driving and no record against your name.

Offence one – If this is your first time facing a major traffic offence in five years and you go to court with it you can face a 3 to 6 months driving disqualification and a max fine of $2,200.

Offence two or more – For the second offence or subsequent offences even with the best lawyers for drink driving offences you can see a 1 to 3 months disqualification time after which you have 12 months with an interlock device on the car and a max fine of $3,300. In some cases, the court might exempt you from the interlock device requirement and instead impose a 6 to 12 month disqualification period along with the max fine of $3,300.

If the court decides to deal with the offence under conditional release order or a section 10 dismissal, as mentioned above, there is no conviction which means no fine or driving disqualification unless you have had past major traffic offences in the last 5 years. When looking at sentencing statistics for low range drink driving offences in NSW 7% of cases were under section 10 dismissal, 34% under conditional release order, 1% under section 10A, 57% got a fine and disqualification and less than 1% had to do community service along with a disqualification. Talk to a professional and experienced drink driving offence lawyer today.


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