Your outdoor style game is incomplete without sunglasses. They are a must have in your wardrobes not only for their style but also for their function of UV protection. It’s summertime and sunglasses are spotted all over the streets. However, it needs to be noted that sunglasses are an all-season accessory as the sun shines all year round. 

To look your absolute best when you move out in outdoor sunny conditions, here are the most trending men’s sunglasses styles that you must know. The trends have begun to evolve for the upcoming year and so we have listed down the styles that are expected to rock in 2023. 

In 2023, some ongoing trends are going to carry on, some will remain with minor modifications, and we will also witness some completely new trends finding a place. Here goes the men’s sunglasses trends of 2023!


Most of you must have expected aviators to make it into this list of trending men’s sunglasses, and here they are! Aviator sunglasses are no less than a wardrobe staple for men. They have been influencing men’s fashion for a long time, and are expected to do the same in the upcoming year. 

With strong masculine traits, the teardrop structure of aviators can give your look a great boost, whereas the polished top bar can provide an added elegance. This is a versatile structure that can uplift all face shapes and outfits, and fit well into all occasions. 

The timeless metal frames will continue to be a hot trend, and you can style them for a classic elegance. We are going to see more double-bridge aviators in 2023. When it comes to acetate frames, the sophisticated clear frames and also the variants in bold colours are all set to impress. 

Round Sunglasses

The simple yet sleek round sunglasses have so much to show that it is almost impossible to stop them from trending. In 2023, get ready to experience the retro round sunglasses to the fullest.

Round sunglasses are a versatile option, good to go on all occasions and with all outfits. There is a plethora of round sunglasses for men and women to fit perfectly with your style.

The shape of round sunglasses are contrasting to the angular face shapes, and hence, accentuate these facial features exceptionally well. When it comes to styling round sunglasses, there is no limitation for those with round or oval face shapes as there are multiple options available for these face shapes as well.

Just like the aviators, metal frame variants of round sunglasses are going to be a big thing in the upcoming year. The basic all-black round sunglasses are going to be a hot selling style. Apart from these, some other stylish sunglasses for men include round styles with tortoiseshell patterns and also clear frame round sunglasses.

Since funky fashion is at its peak these days, round sunglasses with oversized frames are pairs that fit perfectly well here. 

Oversized Sunglasses

The 2022 trend of oversized sunglasses is going to continue into 2023, with certain modifications. Going big with your sunglasses is a stylish route that you can take. Just select the pairs that don’t cover your eyebrows and lie above your cheekbones.

We have already seen square oversized sunglasses a lot in 2022, and this trend is only going to see an upward rise in the upcoming year. 

If you are looking for cool sunglasses for men, nothing can get better than the oversized frames. Don’t hesitate to experiment with the tints.

With oversized sunglasses, you can expect a combination of both elegance and fun. Quirky and bold, don oversized sunglasses to rock and roll with your style in 2023.

Square Sunglasses

The striking square sunglasses are certainly going to be a showstopper in the upcoming year. Square frames have evolved significantly over the past few years. However, all of their variations and modifications have always been spot on and there is always something you can extract from them when it comes to your styling them.

Although the conventional box-like structure of square sunglasses will not go out of trend for quite some time now, we also expect the ones with almost symmetrical sides and sharp angles to be a strong fashion statement in 2023. 

Look out for chunky acetate frames in playful colours that radiate boldness as these pairs will help you keep things easy going and are perfect for casual occasions. 

If round sunglasses are exceptional for enhancing angular face shapes, you have the option of square frames for a superb enhancement of round or oval face shapes. 

Clear Frame Sunglasses

In a very short time since their introduction into the fashion scene, clear frame sunglasses have become a craze among fashion enthusiasts. If you are looking for something contemporary, it can’t get better than clear frame sunglasses.

Talking about the styles that you can complement with clear frame sunglasses, square styles are indeed a solid option to go with. Apart from this, you can also go with the bold aviators or even the retro round styles. 

Clear frame sunglasses are great for an enhancement to your facial features as the transparent structure of the frames do not add any hindrance to your facial features and highlight them to perfection. 

Geometric Sunglasses

The shape that geometric sunglasses utilise might be sophisticated, but they are super simple to pull off. Geometric sunglasses are great for those looking for a sharp and bold appeal. 

The variety that you will get to see in the case of geometric sunglasses will amaze you and also ensure that you find an ideal style for yourself. The variety comes by using multiple combinations of sides and angles. 

2023 is going to be the year of sophisticated sunglasses styles, and hence, you should not hesitate to move beyond the conventional shapes, and opt for unconventional ones. When it comes to geometric sunglasses, asymmetrical sides with sharp angles are going to be a chartbuster. Talking about the type of frames, the half-rim metal frames are a super trendy option.

Rimless Sunglasses

Another contemporary style that deserves a place in this list is rimless sunglasses – an elite eyewear option that will make heads turn wherever you go.

With the sophisticated frameless structure of rimless sunglasses, the entire focus shifts onto the tinted lenses, imparting them with a smart outlook. The structure also makes rimless sunglasses ideal for all face shapes.

As already discussed, geometric styles are going to be super influential in 2023, and here too, we can expect the geometric rimless sunglasses to be one of the top trends. Styles like the bold and lively aviators also look exceptionally well when they take on the rimless route.


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