wedding party's personalitieswedding party's personalities

At your wedding, you’ll spend a lot of time with your friends and family. You could even say that the people closest to you will be there in person. But what if you really wanted to make sure that everyone who was invited to your wedding felt special? A bobblehead is the perfect way to do just that. They’re small and can be placed almost anywhere. Plus, they’ll never get old or outdated like other decorations do. These personalized bobble heads are also a great way for guests not able to attend your wedding in person to still be a part of it! They’re also an excellent piece of memorabilia for years after, too.

Personalized Wedding Invitations

Let’s start with the thing that you’ll be looking at most often on your wedding day: your invitations. You’ll want to choose something that makes a statement about your wedding and your couple. When you choose personalized wedding invitations, you can let your guests know about the date, location, and number of guests in a very creative way. You’ll also want to consider what colors work best together and whether you have any other themes that you’d like to incorporate into your invitations.

If you’re planning a winter wedding, you could choose an invitation with snowflakes on it or incorporate winter colors into your invitation design. If you’re having a tropical wedding, you could include tropical-looking invite designs or incorporate a beach or tropical theme into your invitations.

Choose the Right Photos for Your Bobbleheads

When you’re choosing which photos to use for your standard body customized bobbleheads, make sure you choose a variety of different ones. Make sure there’s one of you together with each of your guests. It’s also a good idea to choose photos that are from different times in your relationship. The last thing you want is for your bobbleheads to be all of you wearing the same outfit and looking messy!

Write an Outline for your Bobblehead

If you’re having multiple bobbleheads made, it’s a good idea to outline the story that you want each one to tell. You can use this outline to help your vendor choose the right photos to use and to get a better sense of how you want your story to go. Keep in mind that you may want to change the outline as you start to plan your event, but it can be helpful to have an outline to start with.

Honor Guests at Your Wedding

A bobblehead is a great way to honor your guests. Having them made into bobbleheads is a lasting way to show off those special people who you’ve invited to your wedding. Let’s say you’ve got a few grandparents who are unable to attend your wedding in person. They could get a bobblehead of them as a gift. You could also have a group of friends who have been there for you for years and years but who aren’t able to come to your wedding. Having them honored with a bobblehead can be a great way to let them know how much you appreciate them without needing to accommodate them at all.


These adorable and thoughtful gifts are great as a part of your wedding party gift! Plus, these bobble heads allow you to add the people most important in your lives to a room with no extra effort. There are plenty of customization options available to fit your wedding party’s personalities. So if you’re looking to get a unique gift for your special guests, no matter the occasion, consider getting them a personalized bobble head. No one will forget their contribution to the big day in light of this creative and fun wedding favor!


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