Popular Necklace/chains Trends of 2022Popular Necklace/chains Trends of 2022

Popular Necklace/chains Trends of 2022

We’ve established that we love a good trend roundup, and now we’re delving into the necklaces that are gaining popularity at the start of the year. A tornado of styles has already adorned the necks (and feeds) of IG girls throughout the world less than a month into 2022. While jewelry trends don’t change as quickly as clothes trends, we’ve observed a handful that has become increasingly popular.

Pearls have made a big resurgence among them, this time ditching their stuffy, prim exterior in favor of a cool, abstract twist of amorphous forms and vibrant color. This season, are they due to shine as well? Nameplate necklaces and statement link chains are two of our personal favorites. There are a few more where that came from, so keep scrolling to see all the trends we think will be big this year.

Necklaces with Pearls

Pearls have never truly gone out of style, and we’ve seen various variations throughout the years What’s the point that’s grabbing our attention?

Pearls of various sizes and hues have never lost their prim and proper appearance.

Diamond Collar Necklace With a White Shirt

The spring runways were littered with eveningwear, indicating a return to formal parties and gatherings in 2022. Diamond collars and chokers provide simple elegance and unique adaptability, seamlessly moving from elegant to casual with an unexpected air of everyday wearability. While a sparkling diamond necklace is an obvious choice for a formal gown, it may also be worn with a fresh white shirt and denim trousers.

Necklaces with Chain Link

In 2022, chain necklaces will keep being the “innies”. Both paperclip chains and their chunkier siblings are perfect for layering with other necklaces or worn alone, providing unlimited variety and wearability.

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Lockets to Remember

Locket necklaces have been around for generations, and we adore how nostalgic it is to keep images of the people you care about near to your heart.  Gorgeous lockets with a contemporary twist and enduring charm are the deal to seal for sure.

Pendants with Hearts

Get ready for another time warp: heart pendants ruled the early 2000s. Heart-embellished necklaces are making a comeback, with designers like Laura Lombardi, Alexander McQueen, and Vetements all using them.


Is this fad ever truly over? The answer is a hell “No”, Selena Gomez’s nameplate necklace from 2002 is a piece of evidence. If you haven’t yet invested in personalized necklaces, now is the time to do so before the year ends. There are so many options to personalize it, from gothic-script nameplates to double-plated variations.

Tennis Neckpieces

Purchase a tennis necklace if you wish to appear wealthy. It’s a timeless classic for a reason: it’s simple and elegant. Despite its ageless appeal, we’ve witnessed the trend resurfacing among the fashion elite. Instead of saving it for black-tie events, mix it up with your favorite casual items like a crew-neck sweater or tank top for a fresh look. If still not sure what to buy hop on to this website for buying gold chains.

Necklaces With a Splash of Color

The runways this year were a riot of color, from bold beads to vibrant jewels to eye-catching enamel. Adding vivid accessories to your clothing, such as a colored gemstone necklace, is a terrific way to add interesting bursts of color and texture.

Appealing Accents

Charm necklaces are back to make you groove, and they’re better than ever. Charms are the superquick method to express yourself when it comes to selecting a sentimental jewelry. Tell your tale with one-of-a-kind tokens and jewels that represent your interests and passions.

Minimalist Elegance

These tiny necklaces, the polar opposite of big and ostentatious, look best stacked. A tiny layered necklace aesthetic is beautifully easy and lived-in while yet looking fashionable. One of our jewelry specialists would be pleased to assist you in finding the ideal necklace for yourself or someone else. Make sure to check out this online jewelry store for all pieces of jewelry.


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