Power Hour Drinking Game

Power Hour Drinking Game

If you haven’t had enough drinking lately, you need to give the Power Hour drinking game a try. This fun game will have you up to your eyeballs in shots in an hour. The concept is simple: you’ll have to have a shot ready for every song. In this game, everyone is up to their eyeballs in shots in an hour. It’s the perfect drinking game for a bachelor party or other party.


The Centurion drinking game is a challenge rather than a game. The goal is to finish 60 shots of alcohol within 60 minutes. This drinking game is typically played during power hours and is often celebrated at birthday parties. It can be played by two or more people, and requires shot glasses for each player and a clock. There are dozens of videos of this game on YouTube. Then, assemble a group of friends to play the game.

Original Power Hour

The Original Power Hour drinking game has two main rules: a player who drinks more than their opponent can be disqualified from winning, and a player who drinks too much can lose a life. If you are playing with a group of friends, it is important to have shot glasses so that everyone can drink beer easily. Although there is a winner, this drinking game can also be played with multiple people, and in some cases, there is no winner at all.

Barney Stinson’s Get Psyched Mix CD

The Power Hour drinking game used to be a pro move, but that’s changing. Now, it’s a total rookie move that you’re probably going to black out during. You’ll need to listen to an album from Barney Stinson’s Get Psyched Mix CD. It features songs from Van Halen, Bon Jovi, and Motley Crue. The CD includes a Centurion version that adds 40 minutes to your total, or sixty ounces more.

Ali Spagnola’s Power Hour Album

If you love drinking music, then you might be interested in Ali Spagnola’s Power Hour Album, a drinking game wherein a player is asked to listen to 60 minutes of tracks. The songs are all one minute long. The music may be by the latest hip-hop stars, but you will never get tired of the classics. The game is fun and can be played in a party atmosphere or at a party.

Power Hour Timer

If you’re looking for a new drinking game to add to your party repertoire, try the Drinking game with Power Hour Timer. This drinking game consists of a shot glass and a timer. You can add or change the rules at any time, but the basic rules remain the same. Each player has sixty seconds to take a shot. Players may drop out at any point, but they are eliminated if they do not take a shot within the time limit. The drinking game uses music to help players time their shots. You can create your own playlist, or just play a premade YouTube video.