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It is impressive how hot the Arizona real estate market is. Prices in Arizona had been growing steadily throughout 2021, at a 28.5% increase from the year. While the median home price in May 2022 was $480,000. The prices have been boosting, making it perfect for any real estate transaction. 

As the Arizona housing market is a hot seller’s market, sellers will likely make the most out of it. But you might be wondering about the way that would be perfect for you to sell your house in Arizona; we got you covered. 

Selling through a real estate agent

Every seller wishes for the best deal for their house irrespective of its condition and location. Hence, they desire to have someone assist them in grabbing the best value and carrying out the rigid real estate transaction in Arizona. 

To get things on the right track, a seller opts for a real estate agent who acts on their behalf and does every possible documentation to get the house marketed. But what do those services cost? Precisely, the benefits that a traditional real estate agent offers comes in the name of ‘commission.’

These commissions are usually hefty, charging up to 6% of total home sales. Yes, a real estate agent’s commission is relatively high, and the seller won’t get the total value of their property. 

Suppose the agent finds an average deal for a seller and makes a settlement with both the parties involved; in such a case, the seller would end up making less income from his sale and have to give out nearly 6% to that real estate agent. Moreover, a seller will also have to pay the buyer’s agent commission in most scenarios. 

For Sales By Owner

FSBO is another alternative for you to deal with their house and make a considerate income from their selling. But For Sales By Owner, the house seller will be the only representative and face for selling their home. 

Here, there’s no third person involved, and then you get the entire value of your house without having to pay any percentage of commission to XYZ person. In the FSBO way, you will take the whole and sole responsibility to market your home and price it accordingly. 

As a seller, you’ll have to conduct real estate market research, estimate the property’s value, attract buyers/ find ways to get buyers interested in their property, legal documentation, hire real estate attorneys, etc. It is generally what For Sales By Owner means. 

Attracting buyers For Sales By Owner is difficult and takes a long time. But there’s an alternative to FSBO sellers too. You can consider the Flat Fee MLS listing service Arizona. Flat Fee MLS listing platforms help homeowners list their homes on MLS for a fee.

This listing allows the seller’s property to become visible to many industry professionals across the region. We’ve researched platforms to help FSBO sellers get a competitive deal for their homes andhelp them list houses on MLS. 

Best Flat Fee MLS listing service Arizona: Company rankings and reviews

Companies that provide the best Flat Fee MLS listing service Arizona are Houzeo.com and Fizber. Let’s look at Fizber reviews alongside Houzeo’s thoughts to know how these platforms function.


Founded in 2017, Houzeo.com is America’s rising and most credible Flat Fee MLS listing platform that has helped many sellers find the correct value for their property. It is the best and most advanced For Sale By Owner and Flat Fee platform.

How does Houzeo.com work? 

Houzeo’s plans are typically a small flat fee and protect you from hefty real estate agent commissions. In exchange for a small flat fee of $349, Houzeo delivers maximum exposure to your MLS listing. 

This platform’s list gets syndicated to the MLS, Zillow, Realtor.com, Redfin, Trulia, and hundreds of other websites. They also have nifty social media sharing tools, and another platform has claimed to provide the best services as Houzeo.

Listing & changes are quick and 100% online. On a detailed note, home sellers across America have rated Houzeo 4.9 out of 5 stars on major review sites like Google and Trustpilot. 

Houzeo is best known for its Cutting-edge Technology like Buyer search, IntelliList listing management system, and more. Houzeo.com is our top pick because it presents an unmatched combination of savings, tech features, and services of any flat-fee MLS listing service site. 

Fizber reviews

Fizber is an online platform for home sellers looking to sell their properties as FSBO sellers. The platform offers free listings on its website and links sellers directly with buyers. They are best known for providing excellent customer service and fair pricing to join MLS. Keep reading Fizber reviews to learn more about how the platform functions. 

How does Fizber work?

Fizber offers several tools to help FSBO sellers have multiple off-market listings by helping you check your search, including ratings, demographics, cost of living, and market trends. 

Initially, Fizber started offering free MLS listing services in 2014 and has been known in the market for the same. However, with time Fizber reviews state that the platform charges more Flat fees than any other site. 

Fizber operates a little differently than other Flat Fee MLS listing websites. They list sellers’ property on their website, not the MLS. With that, a seller gets access to upload unlimited photos of their property, a listing price, address, and any other information to achieve buyers under free listing criteria. 

However, sellers looking to achieve more professional assistance can opt for multiple packages available. With the Digital boost package of $95, the business offers a featured listing to get your property ranked at the top, along with an open house manager.

The seller’s property is listed on MLS under $295 and $395 packages. The listings are syndicated on Zillow, Trulia, and Realtor.com along with regions’ local MLS listings and receive up to 39% more buyer interaction.


Home sellers who aren’t satisfied with the flat fee MLS listing service Arizona can choose iBuyers and sell their house fast for cash. Specifically, the service is best for sellers who want to sell their homes for fast cash or have a distressed/faulty property that potential buyers won’t buy. Why not take a look at iBuyers reviews and understand the concept?

iBuyer reviews

iBuyers reviews state that the method purchased 28,000 homes in just one-quarter last year. At the same time, the rates for cash sellers seem to increase this year too. iBuyers or iBuyer companies buy houses for cash by making an all-cash offer in 24–48 hours and close in less than two weeks. Companies that provide iBuying services are Houzeo.com, Opendoor, Offerpad, RedfinNow, and more. These companies buy your house for fast cash offering 70% to 90% of Fair Market Value (FMV). 

Want to learn more about them? Check out the iBuyer Reviews now! 

Final Words

Depending on your selections, selling a house in Arizona can be easy and complex. We’ve suggested the best alternatives when saving real estate agent’s commissions with FSBO. 

You can avail of the Flat Fee MLS listing service in Arizona and check out Fizber reviews. If the above two options don’t suit you, selling a house for fast cash to an iBuyer company can be the right choice. To know more about the same, check out iBuyers reviews and act accordingly. 


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