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The first impression is the last impression, and, no matter what the world says, your outlook makes a great difference. Humans are more emotional beings than logical beings, even smart ones. You have to create the right set of emotions in their mind if you want to impress them. Just the numbers and your performance won’t be enough. Even if it’s a done deal, you should give your partners or clients no reason to doubt you. Here are some tips to make a great first impression as a young businessman. 

Look Like a Businessman

People address you the way you dress. If you are going for a business deal, you must look like a businessman. Don’t try to copy Steve Jobs, who was always in a casual outfit. He was an experienced businessman at the top of his field, and you are a young businessman who is just getting started. You should dress formally and have every trait of a professional. 

Keep Some Business Cards with You

First of all, make sure that you are Business Card Holders. They make it easy for the other person to remember and contact you. That said, you should know that a bad and unprofessional card could sabotage your entire image. Put extra time and effort into designing the right card and use the services of only the most professional business card printing. Give that card to the other person when you are about to part ways. 

Do Research About Your Client

You should learn as much about the other as possible before you meet him. This would give you a great many topics that could interest him. People are attracted to like-minded people. By showing interest in the same things as them, you would make a great impression. This research will also tell you about their problems, and you would know exactly how to give the solution they are looking for. 

Practice Your Pitch before Every Meeting

Many experienced professionals practice their elevator pitch before they leave for a meeting. This would allow you to talk with confidence and say only the most appropriate things. You should know their pain points and your unique selling points. Use them in your pitch with the right set of words so that the client will think no one understands his problem better than you. Make sure you have a great office with things like Carpet Glass Chair Mats to make an impression.

Develop Listening Skills

Listening skills are very important for every professional. Whether it is to score a new client or engage an existing one, you should always listen to their problems first. Remember, every business is about solving a problem. You are solving one of their problems; that’s why they are using your services. Always let them pour their heart out. 

Calmly listen to their problems and complaints. Only when they are done should you speak to propose the solution. Professional discussions are not about winning or losing an argument. You have to understand your goals for that meeting, and carefully use your words to achieve them. Thank them for their patience, explain your problem, accept your mistakes, and then try to find a solution with them. 

Follow their Tone and Language

You should always read the personality of the person you are meeting. See how they talk and use their body language. Once you are sure how they talk, you need to mirror their style. If they are talking loudly with enthusiasm, you need to follow the same voice and tone. If they are laughing, you should also be laughing. This will help you make a connection with them. 

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