Taiwan Nanya Technology 10b Plans to Build a 12-Inch DRAMTaiwan Nanya Technology 10b Plans to Build a 12-Inch DRAM

The new Nanya plant will produce DRAM chips using extreme ultraviolet lithography (EUV) technology.

The plant is expected to produce 45’000 wafers per month. The project Taiwan Nanya Technology 10b Plans to Build a 12-Inch DRAM will create 2000 high-tech jobs.

It will be built in three phases over the course of seven years, breaking ground in late 2021, completing construction in 2023, and achieving volume production by 2024.

The investment is estimated to be around NTD 300 billion ($8.88 billion) and will require the hiring of more than 2000 high-tech workers.

What is Taiwan Nanya Technology?

Nanya Technology Corp. offers DRAM solutions to get a wide variety of applications. It offers in depth portfolio of memory options in densities ranging from 128Mb to 8Gb like normal DRAM, small ability DRAM, MCP, KGD merchandise, and automotive & industrial grade DRAM.

Who owns Nanya Technology?

Company Name Nanya Technology Corporation
Founded March 1995
Chairman Chia Chau Wu
President Pei-Ing Lee
Employees 3,500+
Industry Type Memory Semiconductor
Capital NT$ 30.97 billion capital as the end of December 2021
Business Overview Nanya aims to be the best DRAM solution provider for a broad range of applications

Taiwan Nanya Technology 10b

The company is planning to build a 12-inch fab in Taishan District, New Taipei City, to increase its production capacity to forty-five thousand wafers per month. The new plant will also create around 2000 new high-tech jobs.

It is expected to be completed in three phases over seven years, starting with a break-ground ceremony in late 2021 and volume production by 2024. The company is investing NT$300 billion ($8.88 billion) in this project.

The company’s plans are a big reason for its recent announcement. It’s facing shortages of construction workers, equipment, and materials, which are all delaying the start of production. As a result, the production of memory chips is expected to begin no sooner than 2025.

While the company has several competitors in the memory chip market, Nanya Technology is the leading one in Taiwan Nanya Technology 10b, owing to its high-quality products and strong manufacturing capabilities.

About Taiwan Nanya Technology

Below are some quick and short facts about Taiwan Nanya Technology

Being the Best DRAM Partner for Smart World

DRAM can be a significant component of your intelligent entire world. Smartphones and servers utilized in info centers happen to be the first drivers of DRAM progress and demand from customers.

During the 5G and AI period, demand from customers will continue on to grow since the apps of DRAM use further diversify along with the boom of various smart-connected units.

Focusing on DRAM

Nanya Technological know-how retains innovation as our core worth which is understood during the company’s devotion to investigation and creation, design and style, manufacture, promotion, and revenue of Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM).

Nanya’s determination to analyze and improve has enabled the business to build up considerable DRAM experience and intellectual home.

A true leader in company citizenship, Nanya has proactively applied inexperienced production technologies.

Creating Positive Influence on ESG

Nanya has created a robust constitution having a sustainable spirit and is particularly dedicated to improving company governance; complying with policies; producing prices for shareholders; maximizing worker benefits; actively taking part in social welfare; marketing inexperienced technological innovation and environmental sustainability; striving for sustainable advancement. Nanya has posted income for nine consecutive a long times.

In 2021, Nanya’s consolidated earnings amounted to NT$85.six billion by using an internet income of NT$22.85 billion and earnings for each share of NT$7.4.

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Taiwan Nanya Technology 10b 2023

With a recent announcement, Taiwan Nanya Technology 10b Nanya Technology plans to invest NT$300 billion in a 12-inch DRAM fab. The company is not alone in the demand for trailing-edge DRAM. Many other DRAM suppliers are expanding capacity to meet demand.

But Taiwan Nanya Technology 10b is not a direct threat to Micron. Despite being the co-owner of Inotera, Nanya has been quite profitable. The company’s growth has been largely due to licensing Micron’s research. Meanwhile, iPhones and AI servers are not interested in trailing edge DRAM.

It is estimated that the investment will create 2,000 new jobs over the next seven years. As of last quarter, Nanya had accumulated NT$686.7 billion in net assets.

However, it is unclear how much of this will be invested in the DRAM chip business. Taiwan Nanya Technology 10b is the fourth largest DRAM producer in the world and plans to use that money for growth. If it does, it plans to invest more in other segments of the semiconductor industry.

What does Taiwan Nanya Technology do?

Nanya, provides JEDEC-compliant, high-quality DRAM units, to get an extensive variety of consumer and enterprise products and solutions.

Nanya serves for a one-stop shop covering a wide spectrum of DRAM technologies from DDR1, DDR2, DDR3, and DDR4, with densities ranging for 512Mb through 8Gb.

Who makes Taiwan Nanya Technology memory?

Nanya Technological know-how is usually a big Taiwanese maker of dynamic random-access memory (DRAM) chips, generally made use of in personal computers.

The corporation was founded in 1995 and is controlled by Nan Ya Plastics, a key subsidiary of Taiwan’s influential conglomerate and loved one organization Formosa Plastics Group.

What is Taiwan Nanya Technology business?

Nanya implements systematic and multidimensional talent cultivation packages; gives assistance for employee job enhancement; establishes a wide array of incentives to entice and keep outstanding expertise.

Taiwan Nanya Technology RAM

Two of the world’s leading manufacturers of DRAM chips have partnered with Taiwan Nanya Technology 10b to develop ultra-thin DRAM transistors.

The Nanometer, a measurement of the smallest parts on a chip, is an important factor when it comes to computer memory.

This means that the smaller the component, the more powerful and energy-efficient the memory will be. Micron hopes to own up to 30% of the market by the end of this year.

Founded in 1995, Nanya Technology Corp. is a major Taiwan Nanya Technology 10b DRAM chip maker. Nanya is controlled by Nan Ya Plastics, part of the influential Formosa Group.

Micron and Nanya have formed a close tech partnership and have jointly invested in Inotera Memories, a company that manufactures 300-millimeter DRAM. The two companies plan to expand their joint venture and produce more advanced memory technology.

Quality Management of Taiwan Nanya Technology

Quality Policy

“We attempt for steady enhancement, functioning inside a realistic way, using a spirit dependent on exceeding our customer’s demands in High quality, Delivery, and service. “ -Pei-Ing Lee, President of Nanya Engineering Company

Quality Commitment

NTC commits and strives to satisfy customers’ desires for product excellent, prompt shipping and delivery, and providers. ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 are good quality management methods because the optimum guideline, NTC’s high-quality motivation and intention give the idea for all functions throughout the corporation and can be observed by all employees inside their implementation of the top quality policy.

Quality System

Our high-quality procedure is ready with all the pursuing features:

  • The standard program is usually fully comprehended and proficiently applied by business employees in relation to their respective features.
  • The standard system can deliver items satisfactory to the buyers.
  • The standard system stresses prevention, rather than after-the-fact investigation and correction.

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Taiwan Nanya Technology RAM DDR4

Taiwanese Taiwan Nanya Technology 10b DRAM manufacturer Nanya has recently published a report on their DDR4 8Gb memory, complete with high-resolution images of the die cross-section, manufacturing cost breakdowns, and a comparison between their DRAM and that of Samsung, Micron, and other leading DRAM manufacturers.

The company plans to continue its momentum in the DRAM market by launching mainstream and low-power products.

In 1995, the company began manufacturing DRAM chips. The company’s focus is on consumer and Low Power DRAM products and plans to expand its market share in the high-value-added DRAM segment.

As one of the world’s largest DRAM suppliers, Taiwan Nanya Technology 10b has been making DRAM for over two decades and is a member of the Formosa Plastics Group.

The joint venture between Micron and Nanya will initially focus on 300-millimeter DRAM. Nanya is a leading chipmaker with a 300-millimeter DRAM manufacturing facility.

Nanya’s fabs are expected to be upgraded by the end of the year. In addition to their current fab capacity, the two companies will work together to develop next-generation memory technology.

Taiwan Nanya Technology FAQs

When was Nanya Technology incorporated and when did Nanya Technology go public?

Nanya Technology Corporation was incorporated in March, 1995 and went public in August, 2000.

When does Nanya Technology fiscal year end?

Nanya Technology fiscal year ends on December 31 and the fiscal quarter end for the first quarter is January 1 thru March 31

When does Nanya Technology announce its monthly revenue and release its quarterly results?

Nanya Technology does not set official dates for its announcement of monthly revenue and release of quarterly earnings.

How many Nanya Technology shares are outstanding?

As of the end of October 2016, the number of outstanding shares was 2,748,565,810 (common shares).

What is Nanya Technology stock code on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE)?

Nanya’s stock code is 2408 on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE).

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Taiwan Nanya Technology Contact


No. 98, Nanlin Rd., Taishan Dist, New Taipei City 243, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Tel +886-2-2904-5858

CSR Contact

Lorence Lin
Sustainability and Risk Management Division, President Office

Tel +886-2-2904-5858 ext. 1028
[email protected]

IR Contact

Sandra Liu
Investor Relations / Public Relations, President Office

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Business Conduct

Chia-Sen Tseng, Audit Office

Reporting Channel
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Talent Recruitment

Compensation and Recruiting Dept.

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