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Movies in Spanish are very helpful for Spanish learners or enthusiasts. Ever since the first Spanish movie in 1895 the industry has evolved and improved and reached its modern state where the Spanish Film Industry is being praised and lauded worldwide.

The Spanish Film Industry has movies of different genres, plots, and styles and it is an amazing journey to explore the world of Spanish Cinema. 

Not only are these movies entertaining but also great for learning Spanish and sure it differs from one film to another. If you want to learn Spanish you can hire the best Spanish Tutors From AmazingTalker. Not only that, but you can also find a variety of tutors like English Tutors and more at AmazingTalker!

The Best 5 Spanish Movies

  1. Tres Metros Sobre el Cielo

Tres Metros Sobre el Cielo: Three Steps Above Heaven 

A 2010 Romance/Drama film directed by Fernando Gonzalez Marida and is based on a novel of the same name. 

This film is about a troubled teenager whose life turns upside down when falls in love with a wealthy girl and unexpected circumstances lead them to unimaginable consequences. 

Besides, this movie will take you on an adventure by exploring Spain. This film uses the simple form of the Spanish language and teaches the way of communicating in Spanish on a daily life basis. 

Level: Great for beginners to practice Spanish and also develop their skills.

  1. El Secreto de sus Ojos (“The Secret in their Eyes”)

El Secreto de Sus Ojos: The Secret in Their Eyes 

An Academy Award Winning Argentian – Spanish crime drama film by Juan Jose Campenella. 

The film tells the story of a former criminal investigator as he revisits a years-old case of a newlywed’s murder and rape to write a novel based on it. 

On the path, he realizes his feelings for his partner and discovers no-seen-before harsh truths. 

It’s a thriller with a set of unexpected twists and turns and a great ending. 

Level: Intermediate – good for learning the proper use of legal terms and social dialects and the correct way to use the pronoun “Vos.” 

  1. Como agua para chocolate(Like Water for Chocolate)

Como agua para chocolate: Like Water for Chocolate 

A Spanish language film directed by Alfonso Arau and based on a novel of the same name. 

This movie tells a story of a beautiful young girl Tita who is forbidden to marry her love, Pedro due to her mother’s strict set of rules. Pedro eventually marries her elder sister. Tita is only able to express her feelings through her cooking. 

This film revolves around love, life, family, traditions, and death so it allows the viewers to gather knowledge about these terms in Spanish. 

Level: Intermediate – Besides the use of complex Spanish terms here is a great way to enrich vocabulary.

  1. Diez Minutos

Diez Minutos: Ten Minutes 

A 2004 short film (and the only short film on the list) directed by Alberto Ruiz Rojo. 

This film is about the story of a despairing young man who makes a phone call to the customer care services looking for some information. And that is the only way to save his love life from falling apart. Diez Minutos brings out the faults in modern society and how it affects our life. 

Level: Advanced –  Also, it teaches the way to communicate formally, especially in the professional field.

  1. La comunidad(“Commonwealth”)

La Comunidad: CommonWealth 

A 2000 dark comedy thriller film directed by Alex de la Iglesia. 

This follows the story of a 40-something real-estate agent who finds $15 in a dead man’s apartment. While she wants to take the money, she soon figures out that his neighbors were already targeting it.  La Comunidad deals with dark topics (like murder, and death) but at the same time, it has great humor to keep you going with this movie. 

Level: Intermediate – This comedy film is also going to teach you the way of expressing and explaining your opinions and will also help you make your way in the community.


Now that you know about some of the best ways to learn Spanish with movies don’t forget to check these movies out! We hope that they help you with your course of learning Spanish. For improving the skill of the language of your choice check out AmazingTalker.And to improve your Spanish skills even more tune in to your online Spanish Tutors. And to ace your English skills be sure to visit the online English Tutors.

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