The Benefits of Using Corrugated Plastic Mail Totes in Your BusinessThe Benefits of Using Corrugated Plastic Mail Totes in Your Business

The Benefits of Using Corrugated Plastic Mail Totes in Your Business

Corrugated plastic mail totes help to maintain the standard for mail packaging and handling during dispatch in a warehouse, mailroom, mail center, or office. Apart from mail handling, these mail totes provide numerous benefits, including storage and automated retrieval systems.

Remember when a tissue paper shortage affected major stores across the country? Well, if you had these mail totes, you would have easily stacked several rolls for yourself. Get the most out of your shipping operations in an environment of rising fuel costs by understanding the importance of corrugated plastic mail totes.

Benefits of Corrugated Plastic Mail Totes

Plastic totes streamline the organization of the material and improve shipping efficiency within the business. In addition, some versions of this product can be flattened for space optimization when providing return shipping in B2B operations.

Other benefits of using corrugated plastic mail totes in your shipping and business needs include:

1. They Offer Long-Lasting Durability

Corrugated plastic mail totes are made with cut-out handles on the ends and are lightweight, making them ergonomically safe for your workforce. These plastic mail totes are also tough, standing up well to impact. The inner galvanized steel rod reinforcements make them strong and able to handle heavy loads. When it comes to durability, you know they will stand the test of time and are a one-time purchase.

2. Plastic Mail Totes are Environmentally and Space Friendly

These space-age totes are nestable, saving space on your warehouse shelves and storage units when not in use. Flexcon corrugated plastic mail totes are earth-friendly, conserving valuable resources as they are recyclable, unlike corrugated cardboard containers that you must discard after every use.

In addition, when the totes are in use, they maximize available space, optimizing whatever slot the product must occupy during storage and shipping.

3. The Corrugated Plastic Totes are Chemical, Fire, and Dust-Resistant

Chemicals, dirt, dust, moisture, and oil-resistant features in Flexcon plastic totes offer optimal protection for the products contained within them. In case of contact with various elements, the smooth surface of the totes makes them very easy to clean.

Flexcon mail totes are made of a plastic resin material that reduces fire hazards. In addition, they meet UL 94 HB flame class for fire retardancy.

The corrugated plastic mail totes have pitched drain holes at the bottom for drainage should the shipping items come into contact with water or any other liquid. This feature helps to prevent the storage systems from collapsing when fire suppression sprinklers are set off.

If you have insured your warehouse or storage unit, having plastic mail totes is an added advantage. Most insurance companies prefer the use of storage containers with drainage holes.

4. Corrugated Plastic Mail Totes are Affordable

Flexcon mail totes, bins, and containers are made of reusable plastic. As a result, they can last for the long haul with little maintenance, which means you won’t overspend on maintenance costs. In addition, the initial costs of plastic mail totes are easy on budgets, especially in this environment of rising fuel costs.

5. Provide Versatility—Available in Various Sizes and Colors

Corrugated plastic mail totes are available in different sizes that will fit standard carts for transport and storage within your facility. Their availability in multiple colors enables your business to develop color-coded material or product distribution and handling systems without needing to customize or compromise.

6. Resistance to Puncture and Wear

Compared to molded plastic, corrugated plastic mail totes are less likely to crack or tear in the event of an impact, making them economical. Their resistance to damage not only protects the materials in the totes, but also allows the totes to have a longer shelf span, saving you money in the long run.

7. Plastic Mail Totes Require Less Production Time

The time needed to customize the corrugated plastic mail totes is much less compared to molded plastic. Molded plastic requires more time to develop due to the design and production of the molds.

Molded plastic can take up to five times longer to produce, while corrugated plastic mail totes only require a single rotation of production to create. This allows companies to place an order and have their totes delivered in no time, preventing disruption of business operations.

8. Plastic Totes are Weatherproof

Corrugated plastics are weatherproof, meaning none of the outside elements, including water, sun, wind, or earth, can destroy the material on the totes.  This makes the totes ideal for outdoor transportation, assuring that the materials or products being shipped in the totes are protected from damage.

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