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In this materialistic world, many parents and couples have developed infertility as it has become a common phenomenon affecting every one out of six couples. In this world, every couple desires to conceive and give birth to healthy babies successfully or become parents, but infertility is the barrier to fulfilling their desire.

As infertility has become a common phenomenon, the rate among couples is increasing daily for many reasons; one of the most important reasons for infertility is stress; the others are unhealthy lifestyles, lifestyle changes, etc. In addition, some addictions, such as smoking and alcohol consumption, can also be called an important cause of fertility issues. 

Most alarming nowadays is that women have fertility issues 40% of the time, males also have 40% of the time, and both have 20% of the time. So when any couple or any one of the couple is diagnosed with fertility issues, they become demoralized. The thinking that first comes to their mind is that they can’t become parents, and their desire to become parents is all lost. Still, it is not various true advancements in technology and procedure have shown much success, and due to this, the couple’s hope to become parents is not lost.

The most important fact is women diagnosed with infertility must be assisted in conceiving as it becomes impossible for the sperm and the egg to meet without assistance. However, due to technological advancements, couples can become pregnant and give birth to healthy babies. With the advancements in various technologies and procedures, modern science has given rise to techniques like IVF and ICSI to combat infertility. As a result, couples have seen a ray of hope that they can become parents, and their desire is not lost. 

As the treatment is unknown to many couples and parents, so the efficacy of these techniques and procedures is not known due; to this reason, many couples hesitate to opt for these treatments but look for other treatments that can help them to deal with various fertility issues. One of such treatments with a high success rate and have shown a ray of hope to many parents is IVF, i.e., In Vitro Fertilization.

It is a well-known treatment for parents hoping to conceive but unable to conceive and deliver a child due to infertility. It is a fertility treatment where specialized doctors combine an egg and a sperm outside the body and implant the embryo into the mother’s uterus.

It has revolutionized the possibilities of pregnancy. The treatment has shown many positive outcomes for many complex patients suffering from fertility issues. However, parents or couples hoping to know about the Best IVF center in Delhi can search for it online. With sympathy and technologically sophisticated care, the IVF centers have helped many parents or couples conceive and give birth to healthy babies.

The assistance provided by the best IVF center will help the patients solve their fertility issues. IVF has gained enormous success in this sphere as more than 8 million babies have been born through IVF or other assisted reproductive technology since 1987. Where every reproductive treatment fails, IVF is the only key to success. Although the treatment is overwhelming, the process of treatment is a bit complicated and confusing, but it has shown a much higher success rate than any other reproductive treatment.

So, what are the things to consider before choosing IVF treatment? Let’s discuss this in this article.

Some things to consider before choosing IVF

There are many things to consider before choosing IVF treatment. So, let’s discuss some things to consider about the treatment before choosing it.

#1. Age matters the most in the success of the treatment

Age matters the most in the success of the treatment. The chance of a successful cycle is much more if the person is younger, as IVF doesn’t fix the age of the eggs. Women who try to conceive after age 35 are considered senior in fertility. Women’s fertility declines at the age of 35 as both the number and quality of eggs fall. In the case of males, their sperm quality and quantity also decrease with the increase in male age. Due to the increase in the age of women, women with the help of IVF may not be able to produce enough eggs to create a healthy embryo. So, if fertility treatments are performed earlier, it has better success.

#2. The cost of treatment is much higher

IVF cost in Delhi is a bit higher as the treatment has multiple steps. Each cycle or step costs differently. If not one cycle, multiple cycles can be used to increase the women’s chances of fertilization. IVF treatment costs between Rs 20,000 to Rs 2,50,000 which can be hard for many patients or parents to bear.

#3. Patience is required

The result of success can be seen within a few days of starting the treatment, as most couples or parents think, but in reality, most women must do more than one cycle to get pregnant. So, what requires the most is patience.

#4. IVF is the last option

After diagnosing and seeing the results, parents or couples who have undergone complete fertility evaluations for them, doctors or specialists recommend IVF. Many women think that IVF is the first option, but it is not the fact that there are few fertility problems that certain surgeries and medications can cure. Best IVF Doctors in Delhi will not recommend IVF initially but will always tell couples or patients to try natural pregnancy. If the woman is about 35 years of age and every other alternative fails or does not respond, then the last thing that comes is IVF.

#5. To reach the goal is a difficult path

Although it has a high success rate, it doesn’t mean it is 100% successful. It is a treatment that takes time, is costly, and takes an emotional toll on life. Women may need more than one IVF cycle to get pregnant, but at last, if the outcome is not satisfactory after spending so much money and going through the treatment, couples get disheartened as they think their hope of becoming parents is lost.

Final Thoughts

So, these are the things to consider before choosing it. The most important fact is the treatment is unknown to many people. Although infertility has become a common phenomenon, only 5% prefer IVF. Still, day by day, people are becoming aware and moving toward IVF if they face any fertility issues. In this way, IVF is gaining popularity daily, helping couples or parents conceive and give birth to healthy babies successfully and fulfilling their desire to become parents.

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